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Refresh an asset with AJAX

edited December 2011 in Development

Besides sending DeliveryType DELIVERY_TYPE_ASSET in values when posting with ajax what should I do in order to be able to refresh the content of a specific asset?

First example (question): first line of dashboard/views/setting/index.php is


So, how can I refresh the asset 'Messages' without refreshing the view 'index'?

Second example (question): the asset container 'Panel' is usually full of modules. How can I refresh the content of a specific one?


  • ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff

    We don't currently have a way to pick individual assets or modules in a standardized way.

    To grab a module you can usually go through the module controller. So as an example you could do the following:


    The message module is a bit tougher since I think it needs to know the page context to know what messages to render. This would be a good extension to program.

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