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O hello internets, hugfull of mac propaganda here governor.

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The Big small Apple happening should be in few hours, the one Apple is about to release the new Intel Mac Mini LEET! But sadly the 13" MacBook isn't going to be there.

There also is something to come for you iPod freaks too, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

On to some stupid rambling, yous know how much I love that :D
Some Yakov Epstein a professor of psychology has come up with machinations of Apple changing in to Winnie, the man is a professor of some study that doesn't even have anything to do with computers, an opinion sure to rock the computer world.

But if you still want to read the article, it's a fun read and he has some really inane points, with some misleading facts backing him up (like the "fact" that Apple's Swith ad campaing being unsuccesful).

Make mouse go clicky here for the article

I think that he has some wind blowing from his ass and he is just happy that somebody listens to his ramblings.

This concludes my macly post.


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    Well a lot of people did "switch", but just for reasons which had nothing to do with the idiotic Apple Switch campaign.

    For the record, my money is on something inane and unimportant being introduced. No new ipods or intel macs.
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    Wouldn't that be great for the PC world if it did happen, though! I'd love it if the Windows UI was as slick as OS X, but still Windows.
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    someone tell me when the releases are anounced.
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    I think as far as Mac Mini it's official that they are going to announce it, they are already producing them according to Appleinsider. And bergie, it's pretty arrogant to say that no one switched because of the Apple Switch campaign, since I know around five people who ditched winnie and switched to apple.
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    edited February 2006

    Intel Mac Mini
    Single and Dual Core versions
    2.5x - 3.2x faster than the previous :u: with Dual Core 4.8x - 5.5x faster
    Same formfactor
    Front Row
    IR sensor & Remote
    Gigabit ethernet
    TV connection
    Music, Photo and Video sharing wirelessly

    1.5ghz Core Solo 667 mhz fsb, 512mb memory, integrated graphics 60GB drive, combo drive - $599
    Second model with Core Duo - 1.67, 80GB drive + SuperDrive - $799
    Both available today.

    iPod accessories

    iPod Leather case
    No Screen or control access
    price: $99

    iPod Hi-Fi
    iPod homestereo reinvented
    Works with every iPod
    Built in power supply - no brick
    Controlled with Apple remote
    Doesn't vibrate ;)
    Goes to sale today
    Price: $349

    That is all :D
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    edited February 2006
    Its a bit pricier than I was hoping, but I may get the more expensive Mini. Though I'd upgrade to 1 gig RAM if I did. Dunno...might be worth it to just splooge on a laptop for that amount of money. In any case, I'll definitely wait and see what Origami is before spending my money.
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    definately getting and iPod Hi-fi considering im a big sound system guy. ;-)
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    Origami might be a phone :P But anyway, I ran to my video projector thingie in my living room and I thought that I just might get the Mac Mini for that. And since I'm not so hot on HD tv since I'm going for Revolution I might aswell save the €2k and buy the Revolution, Mac Mini and some games/dvds
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    Bitey is gonna be pissed. He was hoping you'd spend that money on one of those giant frame scratch pad things covered in carpet with a swinging ball and one of these for lounging:
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    Yeah, you might as well. No big loss there.
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    That is so friking awesome. Bitey would be as happy as people!
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    edited February 2006
    Apple convinced people to buy macs by selling nice-looking computers running an attractive, stable, and mature operating system and useful apps. 10.2 was really the turning point for OS X; it's not surprising a lot of people switched over around that time. Shit, I bought my first mac then.

    I simply don't think the switch ad campaign did much to change the situation. If anything, it probably scared off as many unix geeks (who were also beginning to migrate at that time) as it attracted people from the general windows-using populace.

    The Core Solo/Duo mini would be pretty sweet as a home theater media box.
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    edited February 2006
    I also wish Mr. Jobs would get over his U2 fetish sometime soon and pick a band that doesn't, um, blow.
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    But U2 is for starving children :D *Family Guy joke, so if it flies little high don't worry*
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    The Core Solo/Duo mini would be pretty sweet as a home theater media box.
    That's my thinking too. I've love to set one up like that.
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