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how to add external link to top menu

edited December 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.2

I'm currently using the default theme and cPanel. I would like to add a button to the top menu / nav bar that says "HOME " and it takes members to my home page (I would also like to add one that says classifieds and takes them to my e-commerce page - and i would hope the solution is much the same)
I've never done a successful code mod before and I would appreciate detail in a simple solution.
Would be even better if there was a plugin/theme that could do this.

Other options would be:
to have; My logo = Homepage link,
A message header with a coded hyper link (what code to put in it?)
a side bar link.

Any help on ANY of these solutions appreciated. Hell, i could use more than one option!

I'm sure this has been requested many times, but i couldn't find my solution

I read
and i got a headache

I also read the theme tutorial on this site but couldn't get my head around how/what i needed to change.

I did also locate the css files and view files and managed to stuff them up once or twice and then fix it. So i kinda know how to get there.


  • edited December 2011

    Yay i figured it out.
    I can't write code, but i can cut and paste it.
    I added that 3rd line onto the default.master.tpl of "default smarty" theme.

      <h1><a class="Title" href="{link path="/"}"><span>{logo}</span></a></h1>
      <ul id="Menu">
         <li><strong><a href="">Patalk HOME</a></strong>&nbsp;</li>
      <div id="Search">{searchbox}</div>

    And it added a link to the front of the menu reading "Patalk HOME"

    credit to Aolee

  • hi,

    I didn't understand where i must put this code... i don't have a "default.master.tpl of "default smarty" theme."

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