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[Solved] Extracting Themes and Add Ons

I created a Vanilla Forum by downloading from my webhost, iPowerWeb. I can see where all the Vanilla files are located within my File Manager. However, once I download a theme off Vanillas Addons page, place it on my desktop as a Zip file, extract it to my desktop, and then try and put it in my Themes folder in my File manager it doesn't work. I can put the zip file in the themes folder but have no idea how to extract it from there. Can anyone help me on this?

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  • 422422 Developer MVP

    what version of Vanilla are you using

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  • let me check...

  • 422422 Developer MVP

    You are using latest version.

    Say you downloaded theme called extract it, and open. In there should be a folder called apple.

    Copy that folder and upload to folder

    Then in dashboard, click on themes. And enable the new theme

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  • Ok thanks that meant a lot. God I hope it works.

  • How do I copy the folder and upload it

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  • I can only get the entire zip file into the themes folder

  • I'd show you a picture of what I'm talking about but the image icon on this comment block doesn't work.

  • I guess you're gone.

  • UnderDog, thank you for the link. However, it didn't fully unswer the original question. Could you provide assistance?

  • 422422 Developer MVP

    I guess ur host allows u to extract vanilla to a subdomain.. If you want custom theming, you needto upload stuff. Using ftp. I use smartftp.

    You need domain login and password for route access, then navigate to your public_html folder , find vanilla. Dbl click themes and upload custom theme folder from your pc ( unzipped first ) to your themes folder.

    Thn log into dashboard via web browser, and enable new theme.

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  • It's been months now and I'm still unable to import an addon that I downloaded into my plugin folder on my Public HTML. I truly wish I could figure this out so I enjoy some of the other plugins out there. I noticed there's a new POLL addon and it states it can be enabled from the Dashboard. This addon is not listed with my other addons and I have no way of enabling it since it's not there.

    My problem is I can't figure out how to correctly upload an addon into my HTML folder. Maybe it's my host - ipowerweb. I have no idea.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

  • @BulliesofNC

    You've been given a number of solutions and its been 7 months since you attempted it, so a last ditch effort would be to read the documentation and seriously consider e-mailing your host provider, I can only imagine they would know about services they provide whether it be ftp or cpanel or whatever.

    I may not provide the completed solution you might desire, but I do try to provide honest suggestions to help you solve your issue.

  • I think the problem is coming from my host provider. It shouldn't be this hard and trust me if any of the suggestions listed above worked I wouldn't be back on here asking again. I guess we really can't call them solutions. Anyhow, I'll contact ipowerweb and hope not only that I get to speak with someone there that speaks English but someone that's willing to help.

    Thanks, I'll take your advice and contact them.

  • 422422 Developer MVP

    once the theme is in your themes folder , you dont need to extract anything. This isnt like wordpress.

    In Filemanager ( presuming your on cpanel etc )

    You should see your forum > themes folder

    Open it and do you see a new folder you uploaded ( that you UNZIPPED on your computer NOT THE SERVER ) ?

    So lets say you uploaded a theme called BOB !

    You should see an unzipped ( which you uploaded ) folder called BOB in there ?

    If you do, goto your forums dashboard, and click on themes. BOB should be there

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  • The unanswered questions, what software are you using to access your site. FTP through something like filezilla or cpanel. Until you answer that fundamental question, everybody is going to be playing a guessing game, and you will go nowhere as you have shown.

    I may not provide the completed solution you might desire, but I do try to provide honest suggestions to help you solve your issue.

  • @peregrine

    The unanswered question (or should I say the question that was never asked) to which software I'm using is cpanel through my host ipowerweb (which I'm starting to really dislike).

    @ 422

    Here the exact steps I'm conducting:

    • I find an Addon that I wish to utilize on my FORUM from
    • I download the Addon to my desktop. The last addon I downloaded was "whosonline-plugin-1-3"
    • The Addon successfully downloads to my desktop as a zip file
    • I extract the file to my desktop also
    • I then sign into my control panel from Ipowerweb
    • I then open the File Manager
    • I click open the public_html folder
    • I click open the Forum folder
    • I click open the plugins folder which lists all the other plugin that came with the Forum when I first initiated it.
    • I go to the tool bar at the top and click upload
    • I browse my desktop and click on the folder marked "whosonline"
    • At this point it doesn't allow me to upload the entire folder because when I choose the folder in attempts to upload it, it opens the folder which shows 2 subfolders labeled "_MACOSX" and "whosonline"
    • I then attempt to click on the "whosonline" subfolder and it opens that folder also vice uploading it which then shows 1 folder called "views", 2 PHP files, and 1 script file.

    With this said, my dilemma is getting the entire downloaded folder from my desktop into the plugin folder located in my public_html folder.

    Hopefully I wrote this in a way that's clearly understood. I'm thinking the problem is within the upload fuction from my hosts file manager.

    I've tried everything I can think of to get this to work and I'm just not able to get the download addon into the proper folder from within my html folder.

    @ 422 - I appreciate your patience. I truly thought everything I was doing was correct but somehow I still fail to get it uploaded correctly.

  • You need to upload that folder, indeed, and I would do that using an FTP program, if I were you. Problem is that I cannot tell you which program to use or which settings to enter in the FTP program.

    FTP Programs can upload entire folders in 1 time, so in your case the 'whosonline' folder.

    If you use the File Manager of cPanel to upload the 'whosonline' folder, I would do it like this:

    • Upload _files_ contents of 'whosonline'
    • Delete _files_ of 'whosonline' from your desktop
    • Try to upload 'views' folder of whosonline, if fail, create 'views' folder
    • Delete _files_ of 'views' from your desktop

    etcetera. That way you upload the files, you delete them from your desktop, once they're uploaded.

    Also google for steps to use cPanel to upload multiple files by either using FTP or other ways. There must be other ways.

    cPanel is the most used backend of a server host for their customers (as far as I know), so their must be better ways to do this.

    (still not a host problem)

    Hope it works

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