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Please upgrade to 2.3 here. The 2.2 and earlier branches are no longer being updated.

Missing localisable strings. How to contribute ?

edited December 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.2


I am running a Vanilla forum in french. I updated the locale for translatable but missing phrases.

Now I discover that some strings which appear in the UI cannot be translated, mostly message inserted into the database for activities. I haven't run full check yet.

I can update the source code files and add the T() calls, but this work would be lost on every update and only benefit my forum.

I read the doc, installed Git and forked on Github.

My question is : at which stage should I insert my modifcations ?

  1. check out the 2.0.18 branch
  2. check out the tag and branch from there
  3. only in the master branch, but how do I use my updates on my site ?


  • ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff

    There is a way to translate activity headlines. If you download the baseline locale you'll see them there. If you want to add the translations to the locale I'd really appreciate it. Just email the new locale to and I'll upload it to the addons site.

    $Definition['Activity.AboutUpdate.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s updated %6$s profile.';
    $Definition['Activity.AboutUpdate.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s updated %6$s profile.';
    $Definition['Activity.ActivityComment.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s commented on %4$s %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.ActivityComment.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s';
    $Definition['Activity.AddedToConversation.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s added you to a %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.AddedToConversation.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s added  you to a %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.BookmarkComment.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s commented on your %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.BookmarkComment.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s commented on your %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.Comment'] = 'Comment';
    $Definition['Activity.CommentMention.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s mentioned %3$s in a %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.CommentMention.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s mentioned %3$s in a %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.ConversationMessage.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s sent you a %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.ConversationMessage.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s sent you a %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.DiscussionComment.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s commented on %4$s %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.DiscussionComment.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s commented on %4$s %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.DiscussionMention.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s mentioned %3$s in a %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.DiscussionMention.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s mentioned %3$s in a %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.Import.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s imported data.';
    $Definition['Activity.Import.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s imported data.';
    $Definition['Activity.Join.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s joined.';
    $Definition['Activity.Join.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s joined.';
    $Definition['Activity.JoinApproved.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s approved %4$s membership application.';
    $Definition['Activity.JoinApproved.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s approved %4$s membership application.';
    $Definition['Activity.JoinCreated.FullHeadline'] = '%3$s created an account for %1$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.JoinCreated.ProfileHeadline'] = '%3$s created an account for %1$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.JoinInvite.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s accepted %4$s invitation for membership.';
    $Definition['Activity.JoinInvite.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s accepted %4$s invitation for membership.';
    $Definition['Activity.NewDiscussion.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s started a %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.NewDiscussion.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s started a %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.PictureChange.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s changed %6$s profile picture.';
    $Definition['Activity.PictureChange.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s changed %6$s profile picture.';
    $Definition['Activity.RoleChange.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s changed %4$s permissions.';
    $Definition['Activity.RoleChange.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s changed %4$s permissions.';
    $Definition['Activity.SignIn.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s signed in.';
    $Definition['Activity.SignIn.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s signed in.';
    $Definition['Activity.WallComment.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s wrote on %4$s %5$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.WallComment.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s wrote:';
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