VanillaCMS 1.0 beta 2 is out!

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Christmas is early this year!

I've worked hard the last weeks trying to fix all the bugs and at the same time adding a lot of functionality. Now I've come as far as calling it beta 2, thank you all for positive feedback (keeps me going) and for testing. My big hope is that some of you guys would also like to help out building this application!


1.0b2 (beta 2)

  • Completely rewritten Custom Fields (PageMeta). Now includes core modules like GuestModule and Recent Discussions
  • Updated the ckeditor and reconfigured and updated kcfinder for image uploads
  • Fixed search function for pages
  • Added a lot of page templates and Core reserved urlcodes.
  • Tons of bugfixes!
  • Stability fixes

1.0b1 (beta 1)

  • Initial release

Download here ->

or find the latest code on github:



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