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views > discussions > helper_functions.php

422422 Developer MVP
edited December 2011 in Development

I have buggered around with this code. This is what I have.

< ?php
            if ($Session->IsValid() && $Discussion->CountUnreadComments > 0)
               echo '< strong>'.Plural($Discussion->CountUnreadComments, '%s New', '%s New Plural').'< /strong>';


            if ($Discussion->LastCommentID != '') {
               echo '< span class="LastCommentBy">< div class="replyArrow"> < /div>< span class="repliedBy">'.UserPhoto($Last).'< /span>'.'< /span>';
               echo '< span class="LastCommentDate">'.Gdn_Format::Date($Discussion->LastDate).'< /span>';
            } else {
               echo ''.sprintf(T('Started by %1$s'), '< div class="replyArrowNew"> < /div>'.UserAnchor($First)).'< /span>';
               echo '< span class="LastCommentDate">'.Gdn_Format::Date($Discussion->FirstDate);
               if ($Source = GetValue('Source', $Discussion)) {
                  echo ' '.sprintf(T('via %s'), T($Source.' Source', $Source));
               echo '< /span>';
            if (C('Vanilla.Categories.Use') && $Discussion->CategoryUrlCode != '')
               echo Wrap(Anchor($Discussion->Category, '/categories/'.rawurlencode($Discussion->CategoryUrlCode), 'Category'));

This posts in discussion index, the person who started the thread and the latest replier, with their avatars.
Demo can be seen here ,

Issue I have is in :

It isnt displaying the thread starters avatar etc , so I am missing a hook somewhere. Any suggestions please.

Login info, if you wish to login is.
user = TestUser
pass = vanilla69

Cheers Ste

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