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how to add a menu to header

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Just started w/ vanilla- i need a link back to the main part of my main part of the site... i need to know how to create links above the menu kind of like..on this site... Lussumo Swell Blog | Documentation | Community ??? thanks,


  • I believe thats available as an extension when v1 is released. In the meantime the easiest thing to do is probably to add a tab. Alternatively you could make the writing a link to your site (i.e. lussumo community (i think thats fairly easy, i'll get back to you))
  • yes i just want 2 writing links, back to the site... simple stuff ...
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    Mini is right--its easy. Go to the settings tab when signed in as administrator, then on the left select application settings. In the banner title field you can paste some HTML to use an image logo and/or quickly add a link or two. There is a limit on the number of characters you can use, but I havn't bumped into it. Edit: Here's some documentation on it: And it seems there is no limit of 30 characters. I blissfully typed 131 characters into my vanilla installation and it used them fine.
  • There used to be some bugs with using HTML in that field; though those have probably been fixed. It would screw up the form when you tried to edit your forum settings again.
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    Perfect it works its.....perfect...thanks now what is the css tag for the banner name... i want to change the color and the font size nevermind got it thank you!!
  • This is exactly what I want to do also (just like the forum has the links on the left of the header), but I'm sorry, but I don't understand. I tried putting the link in by (1) pasting into the banner title field in the settings, and (2) by amending the code in settings.php, but neither worked for me. Is someone able to be a little more explicit for me please? Thanks
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    That banner at the top of the screen is a custom extension I wrote for my installation of Vanilla. It requires Vanilla version 0.9.3 or greater.

    If you have one of the development versions of Vanilla, here is how I did it:

    if (in_array($Context->SelfUrl, array("index.php", "account.php", "categories.php", "comments.php", "post.php", "search.php", "settings.php"))) { class LussumoBanner extends Control { function LussumoBanner(&$Context) { $this->Name = "LussumoBanner"; $this->Control($Context); } function Render() { echo '<div class="BannerContainer"> <div class="Banner"> <a class="BannerLogo" href="">&nbsp;</a> <div class="BannerMenu"> <a href="">Lussumo Swell Blog</a> | <a href="">Documentation</a> | <strong><a href="">Community</a></strong> </div> </div> </div>'; } } $LussumoBanner = new LussumoBanner($Context); $Page->AddRenderControl($LussumoBanner, $Configuration["CONTROL_POSITION_HEAD"]+1); $Head->AddStyleSheet("extensions/LussumoBanner/style.css"); }

    It would be a similar type of process in 0.9.2.x, but the way it is added to the $Page object would be different.

    I'd try something like this:

    $Page->AddControl("Head_Render", $LussumoBanner);
  • when you put an img tag inside the banner title, it screws with the tabs, and if you add it to the css the title and image clashes, any examples on making title into an image without messing with the tabs ?
  • huh?
  • i've put img tags inside my banner title without affecting the tabs in any way...
  • After meditating on your query...

    For a title image not to affect anything, set it as the background of the main enclosing div. The css rule:
    div { background:#999 url(link/to/the/image.jpg) repeat top left; }
    Five parts then:
    1. The color (here #999) can be anything, but if the image is smaller than the banner area, make it something similar to where the image runs out.
    2. url(link/to/the/image.jpg) is the directory path.
    3. repeat the image (horizontally and vertically), repeat-x (horizontal only), repeat-y (vertically only).
    4. vertical placement: top, bottom, or something in-between, like halfway (50%), pixel offset (0 or even negative values).
    5. horizontal placement: left, right or relative, by pixels, as vertical.
    I'm not sure if you can mix vertical placement words (top/bottom/left/right) with other measurement types.

    For an example, look how the Vanilla forum Header div wave image is placed in the background via CSS. (You meant this messing up the tabs not the Lussumo Banner extension, right?) Play with it a little.
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    No I was refering to in application settings the page title, we can put html in that form but when we do it messes up the tabs

    and even if you do add a background to header h1 (the page title) you'd have to remove the text page title in application settings and when you do that it shows nothing not even the image
  • <h1> is probably not big enough to show enough of a background image in any case. Was HTML allowed here intended to permit tags of the text formatting type, e.g. to change the color? Best to edit the CSS specifically for your forum.
  • I am now trying to create the same thing again here, am wondering if there is an extention so that you could put a menu on top of the blog....
  • does anyone have an extension to add extra link to the tabs or something without a lot of editing to pages needed?
  • There is an extension called StuffDisplayer that should help.
  • i tried that but it doesnt have options stuff displayer cliams that you can place in in differnt loactions but it just doesn't let you
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