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Suggestions for layout I'm working on.

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It's for this contest on SitePoint

This is my first time entering a contest their, and I'd like to win. So how do you guys think my design is compared to the others, and any suggestions on how I could improve it?

Thanks for any comments.


  • That pink is a bit painful. Or maybe that is just a migrane brewing. I would soften it a bit like 170 designs did, and you did on the view archives button. Another thing I like about some popular culture media outlets is they bold the names of celeberities places or events... makes it easier for the reader to skim and see if the paragraph covers something he/she cares about.
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    I'm not just brilliant in web design, and a lot of times my personal preference isn't what others'd choose (in regard to what I'd make), but it looks pretty darn good to me. Seeing what else people've put out for it, you'd win if I was the judge.

    EDIT: Although I do notice the 'View the poll archive' text, being Times New Roman, dosn't quite fit in as nicely with the rest of the site text as it could.
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    Personally, I'd find a way to set the right column apart visually, and maybe increase the line-height a little in the main copy, and (I know I'll get flamed for this) justify the text. Otherwise, I like it, and certainly more than some of the entries... Also: It's fine to use Arial for headlines, but put Helvetica above it in priority for those of us who care :D Also Also: Nix the shading on the "daily poll" text, and get rid of the "read more" and "comments" icons. Wallphone: I like the dark magenta a lot more than the Mary Kay pink on that button; maybe it's just my monitor.
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    Pink seems a little too pink (I'm not female audience though) and I'd add a touch of red to be less bright (perhaps)

    I' tilt 20° counterclockwise the lips, in order to be less "square", but perhaps it's part of the logo and can't be modified?
    EDIT: where can I search the site? No button ...

    Good point to Wallphone (names in bold)

    Otherwise, it's a fairly good design!
  • w00t I won, I p00n. Now I'm prolly gonna need all of your guys help with skinning Wordpress with it.
  • Wordpress themes are pretty easy.
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    I'm basing it off of the K2 theme.
  • Yeah, that should work fine.
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