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Yay Hooray-like catagorisation.

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Hello all. This was raised here (very early on. discusion #5): I have only just really discovered Yay Hooray. I like it. It is a little cluttered. Too cluttered. What I like it the catagories. It has the best of both worlds. Vanilla is great as it is content based, but the catagories in Yay Hooray really appeal to me. Yay still puts the discussions in a list (like Vanilla), and catagorise them (like Vanilla), but I like it how you can tag, or more specifically define a discussion/thread within a catagory. It is wonderful to be able to see what type of 'meaningless' or 'random' post is being discussed without opening it. Is there a chance this could be included at some stage? Or, could this be done a an extension? (I would image it would be quite hard). I would like to hear your thoughts on it AGAIN, after vanilla has been out for some time now.


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    A couple of people were working on tag extensions, including me. I don't know that any of them are actually near completion. The actual technical means of adding tags to a discussion involves adding two tables and would probably take 15 minutes to implement. The hard part is all the UI work involved with making this stuff available to users.
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    How close are you to impletmenting it? The UI is my biggest concern. Would it just involve 'moding' a theme/style or would I have to have the extension put all the forms and data and stuff in for me. That, right there, would be the hard part. Who else was working on it? Show yourselves :P
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    How close are you to impletmenting it?
    It's on my "long term to-do list" for my forum. So not very close at all, and I wouldn't depend on that changing. If it's possible, I think I have even less free time than Mark :D
    Would it just involve 'moding' a theme/style or would I have to have the extension put all the forms and data and stuff in for me.
    It could be done either way, but the extension method is cleaner, and can be used by other people who don't want to patch their theme files.

    At the very least, you need to add controls to

    1. The discussion form, so people can set the tags on new discussions
    2. The discussion grid or side panel, so people can toggle tags on and off, or view a tag exclusively.
    3. The settings page, if moderators need to create mod-approved tags

    Also, when someone toggles a tag, do you cause a page refresh, or use some ajax stuff to reload the contents?

    There was just a bunch of stuff to do, so I decided to tackle other projects instead.
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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    For the record, I've written a multi-autocomplete script that uses ajax to grab the items. It is implemented in the latest revision if you wanted to take a look. It will be very handy for things like tagging.
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