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How can I affect the ordering of discussions?

edited March 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hi guys, as much as I love Vanilla I'm on the verge of abandoning it in favor of punBB. The reason is the (seemingly) completely random ordering of discussion. It's of vital importance to us (and our users who are completely confused) to get new and/or updated stuff on the first screen when entering the forums or clicking the 'discussions' tab. The lack of this IMHO essential feature almost seems to render Vanilla useless. I really hope I'm simply missing some switch to get this right because I can hardly believe something basic like this was left out in Vanilla. Anyone who can help? Thanks in advance!


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    I'm not sure what you mean. New discussions go to the top of the Discussions page and when new comments are added to a discussion they (the number of new comments since the user last looked at the discussion) appear in red at the end of that discussions row on the Discussions page (so long as you are using the default style sheet). Simple as... Unless, you mean something else.
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    Yeah..i'm assuming he has that bug someone picked up a while ago where the discussion order messes itself up when a new dataset is imported involving whispers...or something. I have a memory of it.

    Otherwise i fail to see anything random about the order.
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    Ahh yes I remember that... Marco, you should do a search on here for teh Whispers bug, to see if you think that may apply in your case.
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    I disabled the Whisper plugin and all is well now. Thank God ;) I really like this forum but with a screwed up ordering it was driving me (and my users) completely nuts!
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    heh. I think if you either a) leave it a while and then re-enable whispers or b) enable whispers and just post in the threads which are messing things up to update the timestamp it should do the trick. Though ofcourse if youre happy running without whispers you could just leave it as it is. Glad it's sorted anyway.
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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    After reading about this bug a couple of weeks ago, I finally had time to look into it while I was away last week. I found out that the bug was caused by the fact that depending on the version of mysql you are using, it handles the "greatest" function in various different ways. I altered the query in the latest revision and it should work in all versions of mysql now.

    So, when Vanilla 1 comes out, you will be able to use whispers without any problems.
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    Wow...we're calling it Vanilla 1! /go away for a week and see what happens
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