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Serious db guru needed with knowledge of php / ajax

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Hi guys not often I ask favours, and this is kind of a biggy. I am skint at the moment , so no cash on offer. But happy to sign a promisory note.

Anyhoo, here is the deal.

We are creating a huge classifieds advertising website, and coupled with my desire to make the UI as simple as possible, means the back end has to be so dynamic its untrue.

Some of what I am asking may not be possible without masses and masses of coding... but here goes.

User wishes to place advert. The site has some 300 + classification categories, with numerous sub classification categories to make this even more interesting.

So we need to create a form, that is purely links. So on click we fire a server request to take us to another page, and pre propogate . Sort of like a TOC page. Or for those in the know like craigslist.

After they have clicked the link, they are directed to a dynamic page, that pre propagates certain form field elements such as select boxes. These in turn have ajax functionality that on selection fire another selection ( so in effect we are chaining the selects )

Now this is already done, here:

The issue I have and this is where it could get simplified is, I can do all the leg work and db entries into the table etc. But ...

Heres my question, I wish to do this so that we dont have to make 100's of different forms which would get so boring, and could mean we are duplicating stuff unncessacrily.

So heres how it should work.

page 1. User clicks a link lets say "Dogs / Puppies" this is under a master category of Pets. But that part doesnt need to be displayed at this point. On click they are directed to ...

page 2. Here the page is loaded dynamically with legend like so :

Pets > Dogs / Puppies > change category (((which sends them back to page 1 )

Below this, is the dynamic chained select elements, which would be for example:

Slelect Opt grp 1. Type of Sale
Options being, Free , For Sale , Wanted

On selection of the above Select Opt grp 2. is displayed ((( see the link above on chained selects )
Options being. all different breeds , user can select any breed from the select dropdown.

As you can see this is intrinsically very simple, as we follow a few set rules. That being we need to retrieve data from database to echo on Page 2. And then on Page 2 we have dynamic select box which then propagates dynamic select box 2.

The rules are the same for pretty much anything ever sold via classifieds. So Select 1 and Select 2 will aleways follow common rules...

select 1. is always sales type
select 2. is always make / model.

So whats your thoughts.

Part 2 of all this I can accomplsish myself, following a few tuts online. What I dont know how to do, is on Page 1. Fire the server request which propagates the dynamic form data for Page 2.

If this dont make sense I give up lol.

Anyhoo.. This is to be used ONLY for logged in users.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Ste ( oh by the way its absolutely time critical )

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    Some of what I am asking may not be possible without masses and masses of coding... but here goes.

    A fair bit of code there yes. I wouldn't do this on an IOY sorry. I would find the nearest classified software to what you want and wait till you have some cash, then I'd be happy to work on the UI.

    grep is your friend.

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