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How to register via other software?

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For a game we're using Vanilla as a base for our website and community. We recently have been modding our game and allow users to generate an account for the site when they are in-game. Now I need to get that account into Vanilla, and I'm not sure how.

I've been looking around and found SSO, but from what I can see it only allows sign-in and sign-out, not register?

Is there anyone who might be able to give me a heads up in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.


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  • I can't seem to edit the post so I'm replying:

    Would it be a better idea writing a plugin for Vanilla which does a registration when it gets certain post data? Then I can just get a UserModel and run a validate & register. All I would have to do then is do an HTTP post to that plugin from the game.

  • Well registration is a post. Why don't you just put a link to the registration page? Other than that you can recreate the form.

    Usually SSO, or jsconnect is used when you have an existing user base. It in effect auto register users to that service.

    grep is your friend.

  • Well, the reason we have it ingame is that we don't want to have false and fake names around the forum. To force this I've turned registration on the forum off and people can now register ingame by giving a password (and it'll use their game username to register).

    So I need a way to register them to the forum. All I need is the backend, which catches the post and registers with the credentials. Wasn't sure if SSO could do this. So I'm guessing writing a simple plugin would be best? Just catch the post and register the account?

  • No what I'm saying is it is not sso issue. sso allows you to integrate an existing user base. That means if you have say wordpress users, it will integrate that userbase with the forum.

    It is strange idea turning off the registration, but at the same time catching a post. Essentially you are allowing backdoor registration. A smart gamer may work this out.

    Probably the simplest way is send it on invitation, you could automate this. Or you could automate auto registration.

    But like I said really, you have got his a bit backward you should be registering on you primary service.

    Read this:

    Bob gets the same experience as we described above: log in on Your Site, visit Your Forum, automatically logged in. ProxyConnect has createed their account silently and automatically, and remembers that it is "connected" to the credentials that we gathered from Your Site.

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    I see, yea that's what I guessed.

    What you are saying is true and false. The post would run on server side, so they won't be able to log the POST done and the url would never be made public this way (unless someone guesses/hacks the site and finds the "backdoor" plugin). And even then they can only create accounts, which isn't that harmful.

    What I'm understanding from ProxyConnect is that you set cookies and then Vanilla catches those to make an account? This won't work for us seeing as we don't have a "saved" user base, 'cause those go through the game (minecraft).

    We're trying to remove the gap of registering and filling forms, so all they would need to do is enter a password in-game (which IS our primary service) to generate their account and then they can login with their game username + just filled in password on the forum (which will have a site connected to it). With this thought, the sort-of-backdoor seems to be the only option so far.

  • Mate you are teaching grandma to suck eggs. If you are doing this internally, you don't have submit a post. Yes some people use restful services this way, but they do it in a secure way.

    What you really want is to auto generate their password. Store that with their in-game username, then use it for SSO. They will be register automatically. Geddit?

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    i'll send you a pm

    grep is your friend.

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