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Can the people who frequently use this forum please respect all users when they comment?

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**Please read this entire posting, only comment if you agree with what is said. This is not a joke!


Just the other day when I re-registered my new blog and setup an new account I saw a posting on "Etiquette" What I read is in response to those who post a question. That post only addressed the posters and not those who comment or reply.

My point here is that the users who reply should not be negative in anyway. They may not know all the issues the user who posted is having and when they specifically ask a direct question.

Everyone should be friendly in their posts and not act like a jerk if the person has a mistake or not too familiar with things.

The community's responsibility here is to help users not gang rape them. If you don't understand what the question means you should ask the poster for clarification.

You should never add off topic info if it was not solicited. Don't assume everyone is as smart or dumb as you.

Already today I have 2 forum Nazis' (people who harass others in a forum or chat) inject hate into their comments. I feel this is totally an act of abuse... HATE is not just a racist thing... it seems that some people here hate the users who are using Vanilla who are not programmers like themselves.

I am here for business, I don't need immature people wasting my time or adding things to my posts when this is the official forum for customer service and support for Vanilla.

My opinion is that this help service should be via a help desk rather than an open forum. It will only destroy the goodwill and feelings new users will have and possibly cause them to choose another platform if some of the users abuse the clients who need real help.

Who knows if the user you insult wants to test Vanilla and then use it for a major project. As for me I don't need to justify myself or stoop to their level but today I wanted them to know how they screwed up.

In this cyber world it's hard to tell who people really are.... so don't assume you know them and spew hate their way.

I disliked the 2 posers comments and assumptions, they were way off base and only showed their lack of business sense and maturity.

To all users, respect each other and walk away if you cannot treat people right or act in an ethical manner. This is not your business or blog so act like a visitor to their headquarters.

Don't piss anyone off, don't tell people what to do, don't inject hate if you are an ass.

Just leave... leave the forum in a peace that all users can enjoy. Actually most users come when they have a problem, I think the company should only let users with a valid training be allowed to offer help with users forum questions.

I really dislike people who act like this... very disruptive and anti-productive.

So all USERS who read this and also want a peaceful forum I applaud you. Otherwise grow your own forum and hang out there.

Today I am very upset and will not stop until those who act this way STOP their hateful ways. Just because they can write a little code does not mean they have a superior status. Get a real life!!!

Don't be so self righteous. Learn from the hosts. Act like your in their home. Respect their clients. Respect all users. Post good posts or don't post at all!


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    Well I hope I was perfectly civil with you.

    What really get my goat is people not appreciating the effort, developers put in. Expecting something for nothing.

    Also if people who really want programming lesson, rather than pointers.

    It is that phrase "if you give an inch they will take a mile".

    grep is your friend.

  • whu606whu606 I'm not a SuperHero; I just like wearing tights... MVP

    this is the official forum for customer service and support for Vanilla.

    As far as I know, this is the Community support forum for those who use the free Vanilla software.

    I would imagine that those who pay to host with Vanilla get a different support service.

    The developers do get on here when they can,but mostly it is just fellow users, freely giving their time.

    You ask to be respected, and then post a long rant like that?

    I may have been no help to you, and maybe it is no great loss, but I personally wouldn't take the time to try to help you in the future if this is your response to people.

  • @Whu606 I Rest my point. You are one of those who don't read before you post. You give hate to people who try to get help.

    Don't put a value on what you do to help others, your rewards will be great if you just help for the sake of helping. Showing your immaturity does not help me or others.

    As I said I will not stop until posers like you stop!

    You're like a bum who you give a dollar to and when he sees you have a $5,000 watch he complains to the man about what he gave.

    Like I said it seems you have issues... this is not your place to vent.

    Go to your own forum and gang rape your users then.

    Enough said... Stop the negativity... SUPER MAN?????

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    @Opportunity I would bury the hatchet.

    Seriously you are not doing yourself favours, you are effectively trolling now.

    He is being honest, he has no reason to help you, especially if it is going to come with baggage.

    grep is your friend.

  • If someone acts erratically, then most people will avoid.

    grep is your friend.

  • whu606whu606 I'm not a SuperHero; I just like wearing tights... MVP

    Opportunity - whilst you give hate to those who try to help.

    I read your post carefully, and probably should have followed my first instinct and not responded. You clearly have issues beyond needing help with Vanilla.

    this is not your place to vent.

    or yours?

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    this should be closed

    grep is your friend.

  • yes, but the attitude needs to stop. I never deserved their comments. This is not his house... I and others don't need this...

    I have treated those who respect with respect and told frankly those who deserve it. In business customer is #1... They don't need to judge others.

    I have posted legit questions and my comments with them were my opinions and feedback... People should not get defensive and attack those who give constructive feedback.

    It's better I develop a relationship with someone who respects everyone they meet. I never asked him personally to help me, so I ask him to keep his negative feelings to himself. That's all

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    I think you are venting your anger at someone else. whu606 didn't do anything to you, he just said he was likely to avoid answering. He is just a member of the public, he is entitled to do that.

    You say the reward, is the in the helping, but clearly it is not worth it if it is going to come with baggage and abuse.

    You are being judgemental and rude yourself.

    grep is your friend.

  • x00

    read my other threads... I don't need insults from a person who is not a principal with the company and just a user.

    The negative attitude I perceived was out of line. Anyway he knows what he is.

  • Like I said you are unlikely to get help now so you are not doing yourself any favours.

    He pointed out that this is a community support forum. So you are not getting dedicated support from the core team by definition. You don't pay for the hosted product.

    I would go outside get some fresh air. Come back later hopefully with a more realistic POV.

    grep is your friend.

  • x00

    I don't disagree... 2 other users were really the reason I got upset. I read back and found that whu606 was not the root cause, but because he came into the discussion and did not know the real cause of my feelings and then he commented in that way.

    As I said, if people would treat others with respect this would not happen.

    I apologize to whu606, my beef was not initially with him. But as I stated if you enter a discussion you should know what is happening.

    I just want answers to my questions and to be able to use this forum in a good way. As I said in my post never prejudge a person... Don't assume a person is a programmer...

    Ask some questions of the poster if they want to help... qualify his experience and abilities... I did ask more simplistic questions.

    I hope people don't assume and ask the right things of the users here.

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    The thing is, it is not that one sided. I read your Vangoogle Discussion. I would have been pretty pissed if that was my plugin. When someone has developed a plugin in their own free time, you should take it as it comes.

    I'd put it down to misunderstanding the nature of software. The vast majority of software is in tool kit form. That is you don't get a spangly interface that does absolutely everything. Simply becuase this is impossible, and it in trying it make it less flexible, not more. Styling on the web is generally done through css. So there is no reason to interface the styling per plugin.

    You are not a programmer, no one is expecting you to code. However learning a little but about html, and css won't hurt though. try HtmlDog. Even if you know a little the book will tell you how to do thing well, in a more correct way.

    Armed with that and firebug you can usually solve most styling/layout issues.

    grep is your friend.

  • I can do all that... but there should be a collaboration for plug-ins. Instead of one guy doing this his way and another his, Vanilla can point the direction it decides to accept and the plug-ins should conform to that technology.

    If Vanilla has a html - CSS page for everything, just fill in the field it would be cool. But right now it does not.

    There are some plug-ins that do well... But when the plug-in has no docs it does no good.

    I took the time to research this and did not see a fix... I am using the Go Template and really like the way the guys worked it... Yes all things need to work in harmony.

    If we can see the day that vanilla has 1 single standard then the platform will excel!

    The whole point of doing business online is to make money... even if its just enough....


  • Again you are misunderstanding.

    custom.css in your themes design folder is generally the place for additional styling. Armed with firebug, you should be able to style pretty much anything.

    I think you need to forget about wordpress. Because there are so many plugins, you can do almost anything with every having to leave the dashboard/control panel. That is not how the vast majority of software works.

    Vanilla as the name implies is meant to be light not bloated in the core. It handles extensions in its own way.

    grep is your friend.

  • Is this the same as StyleBot? I don't want to use firefox due to security issues

  • firebug is an extensive tool. However in chrome you can right click>inspect element

    The is will give you lot of info on the nearest element and allow you to inspect the DOM further. Best google for tutorials for more info.

    grep is your friend.

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