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Plugins are not working after upload



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    Yeah. None of this is working. I tried going back to yesterday's version (I had a backup and my server helped me restore it) that didn't work either.

    I did as you said and backed up my database. I'm getting ready to reinstall. But this is all so weird. This should just WORK.

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    whu606whu606 I'm not a SuperHero; I just like wearing tights... MVP

    Tammie - you are right, it should, and normally does. I know that's no great consolation.

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    thanks whu! I'm still working with my server. They are great! Even though they don't officially support vanilla, they are working with me. right now it looks like I am missing a file called php.ini ... does that ring any bells?

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    whu606whu606 I'm not a SuperHero; I just like wearing tights... MVP
    edited January 2012

    php.ini is the control file for PHP - which is the 'engine' for the code Vanilla is written in. It is separate to the Vanilla install, and should be provided by your host as part of the server side options on your webserver

    If your forum is working generally, then I'd be surprised if php.ini were the problem, but I'm not really very up on 'server side' stuff.

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    Well I'm working on that, hopefully it works but I doubt it - because like you said, my forum is working.

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    It didn't work. I'm going to shut the whole computer down and re-boot. Delete browsing history and cache. All that jazz. But it's not going to work, I'm going down the same path as before. Really bummed!

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    whu606whu606 I'm not a SuperHero; I just like wearing tights... MVP
    Answer ✓

    tbh, given that it is relatively quick to load Vanilla, I'd make a new folder, upload Vanilla again and go through the set-up process. Shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.

    If using Vanilla from that folder works, you can either redirect your forum to that folder, or delete the original folder, then rename the new one with the old name.

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    whu606whu606 I'm not a SuperHero; I just like wearing tights... MVP

    tammie - it is almost certainly nothing to do with your own computer. It will be something to do with the install on your webserver.

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    whu, that's what I will do - tomorrow - ran out of computer time today.

    I'm getting these weird debug messages at the bottom of my pages - on the user side AND the dashboard:
    Debug Information

    Canonical Url:

    13 queries in 0.0137870311737s
    Gdn_Model->GetWhere(array('UserID' => '1'))0.002283sselect *
    from GDN_User User
    where UserID = '1';PermissionModel->PermissionColumns()0.007093sselect *
    from GDN_Permission Permission
    limit 1;PermissionModel->CachePermissions('1')0.000310sselect MAX(p.PermissionID) as PermissionID, MAX(p.Garden.Email.Manage) as Garden.Email.Manage, MAX(p.Garden.Settings.Manage) as Garden.Settings.Manage, MAX(p.Garden.Settings.View) as Garden.Settings.View, MAX(p.Garden.Routes.Manage) as Garden.Routes.Manage, MAX(p.Garden.Messages.Manage) as Garden.Messages.Manage, MAX(p.Garden.Applications.Manage) as Garden.Applications.Manage, MAX(p.Garden.Plugins.Manage) as Garden.Plugins.Manage, MAX(p.Garden.Themes.Manage) as Garden.Themes.Manage, MAX(p.Garden.SignIn.Allow) as Garden.SignIn.Allow, MAX(p.Garden.Registration.Manage) as Garden.Registration.Manage, MAX(p.Garden.Applicants.Manage) as Garden.Applicants.Manage, MAX(p.Garden.Roles.Manage) as Garden.Roles.Manage, MAX(p.Garden.Users.Add) as Garden.Users.Add, MAX(p.Garden.Users.Edit) as Garden.Users.Edit, MAX(p.Garden.Users.Delete) as Garden.Users.Delete, MAX(p.Garden.Users.Approve) as Garden.Users.Approve, MAX(p.Garden.Activity.Delete) as Garden.Activity.Delete, MAX(p.Garden.Activity.View) as Garden.Activity.View, MAX(p.Garden.Profiles.View) as Garden.Profiles.View, MAX(p.Garden.Profiles.Edit) as Garden.Profiles.Edit, MAX(p.Garden.Moderation.Manage) as Garden.Moderation.Manage, MAX(p.Garden.AdvancedNotifications.Allow) as Garden.AdvancedNotifications.Allow, MAX(p.Conversations.Moderation.Manage) as Conversations.Moderation.Manage, MAX(p.Vanilla.Settings.Manage) as Vanilla.Settings.Manage, MAX(p.Vanilla.Categories.Manage) as Vanilla.Categories.Manage, MAX(p.Vanilla.Spam.Manage) as Vanilla.Spam.Manage, MAX(p.Vanilla.Discussions.View) as Vanilla.Discussions.View, MAX(p.Vanilla.Discussions.Add) as Vanilla.Discussions.Add, MAX(p.Vanilla.Discussions.Edit) as Vanilla.Discussions.Edit, MAX(p.Vanilla.Discussions.Announce) as Vanilla.Discussions.Announce, MAX(p.Vanilla.Discussions.Sink) as Vanilla.Discussions.Sink, MAX(p.Vanilla.Discussions.Close) as Vanilla.Discussions.Close, MAX(p.Vanilla.Discussions.Delete) as Vanilla.Discussions.Delete, MAX(p.Vanilla.Comments.Add) as Vanilla.Comments.Add, MAX(p.Vanilla.Comments.Edit) as Vanilla.Comments.Edit, MAX(p.Vanilla.Comments.Delete) as Vanilla.Comments.Delete, MAX(p.Plugins.Flagging.Notify) as Plugins.Flagging.Notify, MAX(p.Plugins.Debugger.View) as Plugins.Debugger.View, MAX(p.Plugins.Debugger.Manage) as Plugins.Debugger.Manage, p.JunctionTable as JunctionTable, p.JunctionColumn as JunctionColumn, p.JunctionID as JunctionID
    from GDN_Permission p
    join GDN_UserRole ur on p.RoleID = ur.RoleID
    where ur.UserID = '1'
    group by p.JunctionTable, p.JunctionColumn, p.JunctionID;CategoryModel::Categories()0.000294sselect c.*, lc.DateInserted as DateLastComment
    from GDN_Category c
    left join GDN_Comment lc on c.LastCommentID = lc.CommentID
    order by c.TreeLeft asc;CategoryModel::JoinUserData(array(6), 1)0.000340sselect *
    from GDN_UserCategory UserCategory
    where UserID = '1';CategoryModel->GetFull()0.000174sselect c.*, co.DateInserted as DateLastComment, co.InsertUserID as LastCommentUserID, d.Name as LastDiscussionTitle, d.CountComments as LastDiscussionCountComments, d.InsertUserID as LastDiscussionUserID, d.DateInserted as DateLastDiscussion, uc.DateMarkedRead as DateMarkedRead, uc.Unfollow as Unfollow
    from GDN_Category c
    left join GDN_Comment co on c.LastCommentID = co.CommentID
    left join GDN_Discussion d on d.DiscussionID = c.LastDiscussionID
    left join GDN_UserCategory uc on uc.UserID = 1 and uc.CategoryID = c.CategoryID
    where c.AllowDiscussions = '1'
    order by TreeLeft asc;UserModel->GetIDs(array('0' => '', '1' => 1))0.000233sselect *
    from GDN_User User
    where UserID in ('1');DiscussionModel->GetAnnouncements()0.000176s
    Cache: array ( 'Announcements' => false, )
    select d.DiscussionID as DiscussionID
    from GDN_Discussion d
    where d.Announce = '1';DiscussionModel->Get('0', '30')0.000555sselect d.Type as Type, d.InsertUserID as FirstUserID, d.DateInserted as FirstDate, d.CountBookmarks as CountBookmarks, d.Body as Body, d.Format as Format, d.DateLastComment as LastDate, d.LastCommentUserID as LastUserID, d.*, w.UserID as WatchUserID, w.DateLastViewed as DateLastViewed, w.Dismissed as Dismissed, w.Bookmarked as Bookmarked, w.CountComments as CountCommentWatch
    from GDN_Discussion d
    left join GDN_UserDiscussion w on d.DiscussionID = w.DiscussionID and w.UserID = 1
    order by d.DateLastComment desc
    limit 30;UserModel->GetIDs(array('0' => 1, '1' => ''))0.000839sselect *
    from GDN_User User
    where UserID in ('1');UserMetaModel->GetUserMeta(0, 'Garden.Analytics.Throttle', 0)0.000202sselect *
    from GDN_UserMeta u
    where u.UserID = '0'
    and u.Name = 'Garden.Analytics.Throttle';MessageModel->GetMessagesForLocation('Vanilla/discussions/index', array('0' => '[Base]', '1' => '[NonAdmin]'))0.000278sselect *
    from GDN_Message Message
    where Enabled = '1'
    and (Controller in ('[Base]', '[NonAdmin]')
    or (Application = 'Vanilla'
    and Controller = 'discussions'
    and Method = 'index'))
    and MessageID not in ('0')
    order by Sort asc;include('/home8/vonwardk/public_html/nolamil/forums/applications/dashboard/views/default.master.php')0.000768sselect DiscussionID
    from GDN_UserDiscussion UserDiscussion
    where UserID = '1'
    and Bookmarked = '1';
    Controller Data
    Title: 'All Discussions'
    Category: false
    CountDiscussions: 4
    Announcements: DataSet
    EMPTYDiscussions: DataSet
    Count: 4
    Fields: Type, FirstUserID, FirstDate, CountBookmarks, Body, Format, LastDate, LastUserID, DiscussionID, ForeignID, CategoryID, InsertUserID, UpdateUserID, LastCommentID, Name, Tags, CountComments, CountViews, Closed, Announce, Sink, DateInserted, DateUpdated, InsertIPAddress, UpdateIPAddress, DateLastComment, LastCommentUserID, Score, Attributes, RegardingID, WatchUserID, DateLastViewed, Dismissed, Bookmarked, CountCommentWatch, Url, CountUnreadComments, FirstName, FirstEmail, FirstPhoto, LastName, LastEmail, LastPhoto, Category, PermissionCategoryID, CategoryUrlCode
    _PagerUrl: 'discussions/{Page}'
    _Page: '0'
    _Limit: '30'
    CssClass: 'Vanilla Discussions index '

    Page completed in 1.0782s

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    whu606whu606 I'm not a SuperHero; I just like wearing tights... MVP

    Well, that seems like the Debugger plugin is working...

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    But isn't it bad that the program has to do that? I don't know what it all means. Also, I tried to link the old database to my new installation and now I'm getting the "bonk" message - forum not working. Ideas?

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    Answer ✓

    Hi TammieEarl, just a quick question, how did you upload with filezila, did you unzip the plugin and then upload the folder or have you uploaded the zip file ?

    (I know it's broke right now, just trying to establish your original problem)

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    dodgerid, I unzipped on my computer and uploaded the unzipped files. I've successfully uploaded vanilla plugins in the past and used them. My server just restored (again) my files from a backup and I'm going to try again tomorrow. but hey, thanks for the input - Got anymore suggestions?

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    422422 Developer MVP
    edited January 2012 Answer ✓

    Personally I think you are uploading the plugins incorrectly. ie:





    If you have access to cpanel , then go into file manager, and see if you can find a plugin that you have recently uploaded. Check its chmod settings... you may find they are set to 000.

    We always use auto for stuff like this, files I think should generically be 0644

    There was an error rendering this rich post.

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    Hey 422, are you talking about the permission settings? because I have checked permissions and all are correct. My settings for folders are 755 and my settings for files are 644. Also, I uploaded the same way I've always uploaded, with filezilla. I don't know what way they use, but I haven't changed anything... Anymore ideas? I'm all eyes! lol

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    hbfhbf wiki guy? MVP

    Tammie, I tried to follow this thread but got lost.. I'm wondering a pretty basic question at this point. What plugins are you trying to upload that are not working?

    Is anything working on your site at this point? Did you turn off the debugging plugin? So many questions come to mind... just trying to figure out the "state" of your install.

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    hbf, The problem is, the plugins are uploading and when I go to my server control panel, they are there with the right permission settings. But when I go to my vanilla dashboard to enable them, they just will not show up. Two plugins I really need on this site are some sort of like function - I was using Kudos on my other forums and I think I may like that one, and file uploader. But I was going to put several more to make the forums more fun and functional. Yes, the site works. Here's the link to the forums: we are able to use them I just can't enable new plugins. (I had my server reinstall to an older date.)

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    I re-loaded kudos and file uploader today and they are not working. Question: when I extracted and then uploaded the files to my server, this is my file structure:
    public_html/nolamil/forums/plugins/kudos-plugin-3-0 (1)

    then inside the kudos-plugin-3-0 (1) folder, i have this:


    Then inside the kudos folder is the plugin. I moved the kudos folder up to here:

    and deleted that first folder: kudos-plugin-3-0 (1) and all it's contents.

    This did nothing to help, but I'm wondering if I'm on the right track? I just don't know what else to do. It's super easy to delete and then re-load the plugins so I was thinking if I screw them up I can just re-do them.

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    whu606whu606 I'm not a SuperHero; I just like wearing tights... MVP


    just to double check (I think case matters)

    For kudos, in the folder


    there should be the folder Kudos

    in that there should be the folders

    and two files


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    edited January 2012




    design- a folder

    views- a folder



    Moving this up a notch did not solve the problem. I will probably re-load but first I'm going to dump my explorer history - maybe it's there and I can't see it bc it's using an old version. BRB

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