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Is there a way "TODAY" to have a separate registration for a "GROUP and/or MEMBERSHIP"?

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Instead of the default registration page, is it possible to have an option to direct your members of a group to sign-up with a dedicated page, this way the public has no way to know that the forum exists on your site? Without going to the code/css?

Also, is there a way to import a member's list for adding to any group/membership without the need to require everyone sign-up and go through the required process?

It would be also better if the next version have the groups/membership plug-in added into the core. It will enhance the Admins capabilities and eliminate 2 plug-ins from being used.


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    If they arent logged in how would it determine usergrp ?

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  • Today the group is determined by permissions and the selection by member what group they will belong to. It obviously needs manual admin overview and it can't be made automatic. What I am suggesting is to have the ability to make another sign-up page that will not be publicly advertised and have it exclusively for that one group.

    It could also designate a one time pass key word like a coupon code to identify the member. Another way could be a batch import of members or an API from the membership site database.

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    Why not use standard registration. Then add a "please select your preffered membership package" which is easily done using radio selections grp and jquery. On click a custom extra form slides down .. Lot of work but we use this schema on a project we are doing. We actually invoke the required selection before the registration form, then pass that selection id to the form. On submit, that id triggers their usergroup status.

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  • This is not a package or upgrade, this is a specific group that will have its own section of the forum. This will be exclusive but all the while we have public and semi public areas for our other topics and advertisers.

  • SSO or jConnect, can handle shared accounts across the website(s).

    If you are interested in a premium service, you might be interested in a plugin I'm currently developing for another client, which I could adapt for you needs, if you wish to sponsor that part. At the moment it is a paypal (currently) activated subscription, which expires when the period is up. It uses the normal roles and permissions.

    If you don't want anyone else to find your forum, you can use obscure paths, and smoke an mirrors routing for bits you want to expose. There is more complicated session generated access points, but I think the user won't enjoy this experience too much.

    grep is your friend.

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