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Case sensitive database table names

edited January 2012 in Development

The name of database tables in Garden contain uppercase letters i.e. 'ActivityType' and are hard-coded. This gives me a headache when porting the database between different platforms.

Since webhosts are not so keen on changing MySQL system variables, I recommend that in next version, pull out every DB table name from the code to a config file as constants. Then people could easily change uppercase to lowercase in db table names if they want to.

Please make the database cross-platform.


  • By did you move from windows to linux?

    Besides if case is the issue just after a move, changing existing table name would solve the issue. Or using the porter.

    Only a poor host would force lowercase table name on creation, and case sensitive connections.

    Setting table name in config is a poor solution, if the issue is not addressed by ensuring the table names are correct after move, then you really have a shoddy set up, that is going to affect the schema in the future.

    This is a general problem not really vanilla/garden specific.

    also be wary with old, versions of MySQL.

    grep is your friend.

  • CsabbencsCsabbencs
    edited February 2012

    Finally, I didn't find a better way than changing table names to uppercase one by one. It took some time, though.

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