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Another way to export from bbpress?

njumaranjumara New
edited February 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

HI everyone,

I'm having trouble exporting from bbpress. Basically, the operation is taking so long that the browser times out (tried firefox and chrome.)

I don't have a save to server button in vanilla2export.php

I have a deep integration bbpress install through pagelines, so the database is shared with my wordpress database (could be the problem?)

Is there anyway I can just get the tables I need from phpmyadmin and get them into vanilla 2? I'm guessing that the vanilla2export needs to configure them for vanilla 2... i don't know?

That's why I'm here, if you do know, any help would be awesome!



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    as an update, i have all this information listed in my browser window, i'm guessing that is the export. Can i get that information into a format that vanilla can import?

    is it .sql? Can i Just save that info in that format somehow?

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    does it have CREATE and INSERT statements?

    grep is your friend.

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    hi x,

    It does not have any statements, the exporter has the fields for putting in the necessary but only an export option on the bottom.

    I will download a fresh copy and try again and take a screenshot of it to show you.

    Also, I moved to vanilla because it looks cool and was having trouble with bbpress 2. I'm not sure if that changed something in the database?

    Originally I had set up bbpress as a standalone then went through the not so easy deep integration so when I went to phpmyadmin, the database that I originally made for bbpress was empty and there were files in my core wordpress database.

    I am now trying to extract those files from the core WP DB with the vanilla exporter but before I decided to move to vanilla I tried to update to bbpress 2 plugin but that didn't work at all.

    Maybe trying to do that with the bbpress 2 plugin has made trouble for the v2 exporter?

    At this point, my forum will live but I can't even get V2 to integrate with wordpress.

    I'm using pagelines 2 which has a v2 integration (but I think it's a poor choice of words because it "integrates" by applying a theme and giving some options in the backend of wordpress. It does not integreate users.)

    I am having trouble with the Vforums wordpress plugin because it says
    "Failed to validate URL" I saw other people having this problem and contacted my host to install "cURL" on my server.

    Hopefully that will help with the integration problem.

    As for exporting, if anyone has an idea why it wouldn't be working or why the exporter wouldn't be showing all options/statements, any help is as always deeply appreciated.


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    can you post a small excerpt it should be the import format

    grep is your friend.

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    Hi x00,

    Here is a small excerpt from the page i receive after I click "Begin Export"

    Vanilla Export: 1.6.4, Source: bbPress 1.*, HashMethod: Vanilla // Export Started: 2012-02-14 04:07:34 Table: User UserID,Name,Password,Email,DateInserted 1,"admin","$P$B9eRNOkY8GD5D7TdmqMKy6V1mho4DZ0","","2011-01-08 07:09:25" // Exported Table: User (1 rows, 00:00.00) Table: Role RoleID,Name 1,"Guest" 2,"Key Master" 3,"Administrator" 4,"Moderator" 5,"Member" 6,"Inactive" 7,"Blocked" // Exported Table: Role (7 rows, 00:00.00) Table: UserRole UserID,RoleID 1,2 // Exported Table: UserRole (1 rows, 00:00.00) Table: Category CategoryID,Name,Description,ParentCategoryID 1,"Welcome to Ningbo","General info about our fair city.",18 2,"Eat / Drink","Have a great meal? Let us know.",8 3,"Nightlife","Party party.",8 4,"Classified Ads","Work\, sell\, find... everything.",\N 5,"Jobs Offered","Looking for an employee?",4 6,"Jobs Wanted","Need a job?",4 7,"Apartments Wanted","Find places to rent.",4 8,"Living in Ningbo","",\N 9,"Apartments Offered","Find a tenant.",4 10,"Services","Offer up your service.",4 11,"Education","Find a teacher\, a student\, or a friend.",4 12,"Flea Market","",\N 13,"Buy / Goods Wanted","Looking for something to buy? Ask here.",12 14,"Sell / Goods Offered","Looking to sell that thing you don\'t use? Post here.",12 15,"Other","For anything that can\'t be classified.",4 16,"Shopping","Looking for something?",8 17,"Healthcare","Taking care of Ningbo.",8 18,"General","",\N 19,"Rants and Raves","",\N 20,"Rants / Complain away","Go ahead and let go here.",19 21,"Raves / Praise away","Tell us what was great.",19 22,

    It goes for miles and then it crashes Firefox?

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