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Subcategories - unlimited

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Lots of forums have added the unlimited subcategory feature and i think this would be a nice addition to Vanilla. This could even be used on the Lussumo forum - for instance there could be a few top categories File Browser / Vanilla / Lussumo / Random, and then within File Browser and Vanilla there could be different categories like Suggestions / Beta Testing / Extensions / Support.


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    We've had this discussion several times before (I started at least one of them), and the basic consensus was that the massive hierarchical category structure was pretty much antithetical to the design of Vanilla; mark didn't want to put categories in at all, and bowed to public pressure.

    It's possible to do this as an extension, but first you'd need to track down a programmer who wants it done.

    To be honest, I think tags are a much better way to go.
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    I didn't think it was possible with extensions. If it is, I'll do it when Vanilla 1 is released.
  • Well theoretically anything is possible with extensions, if you're willing to rewrite large chunks of Vanilla.
  • I raised a similar topic only a week ago I think. MArk said there was the possibility to do some tagging in version1. That would be heaps better than pre-defined sub-catagories IMO. Link:
  • Yes, I think if it was all based on tags that would be great. But you should be able to organize the tags in some hierarchy, or it would get too messy.
  • I don't see why
  • Tags are great for searching but organising? I'm not sure if tagging discussions is as effient/effective as placing in a specific place. Metaphor: Having large files on one's desk labelled is helpful when you want to search through them or quickly see what they are about. But having file folders/boxes to place these files in makes even easier to find the file because: 1)It's in an absolute place depending on the content 2) It has relative tags that sum up the contents Conclusion: Have the both of best worlds, the main 'folders' or 'categories' which are absolute and then also the flexible tags.
  • there is a reason why vanilla is the way IMO
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    I think there's equally enough potential to lose a thread/comment/whole site based upon both just general content and tagging. I think it would be fair to say that impropper or accidental tagging can lead to a topic landing in the entirely wrong area. It's really a three part formula, four or more if you're counting the actual tags. 1) 'Person A' lands the topic into an already predefined category on said forum. 2) 'Person A' then gives that thread a limited ammount of existing or user-created public tags. lets say a max of 3 tags per person per thread. at this stage, the thread already has 1 given category and 3 user applied tags. Thats 4 ways to describe that thread alone. 3) Users reading and replying to that thread also have the option to apply public tags to that thread. Again lets just say 3 is the limit, with that now the thread can have any number of tags. I'm not saying that tagging is bad, but if unmoderated, Myself and others can apply some really crappy or deceptive tags to tons of information making it nearly irrelevant in any given search. Categories and Subcategories however become a little more useful as most of your content is generally specialized and hopefully your users already know what they are looking for. If not they should be able to find it easily without the need for tags. There is a turn-around for tagging in a forum setting I belive, this can be achived via personal tagging which isn't displayed to anyone but the user tagging that subject. In turn, the top 3-10 tags selected and culled for a topic could then be used to find a topic making said tagging completely transparent. Then again, several people can still attach a tag of "captain dillhole" and still derail the search all together in the end. in the end, I'd say leave tagging for blogs and personal items and minimize it as much as you can when the data is being cross polinated by several or several hundred users, because you're not just adding another layer of administration/moderation management, you're introducing a potential search clogger when all the searches turn up little if nothing relevant.
  • i'm going to make an all-tags/no-posts messageboard. i figure that if you just use enough of the right tags, people will be able to figure out what you're trying to say.
  • i'm also going to invite koko the gorilla. "cat happy apple penny" - she was a true tag pioneer
  • Ok, clarification:

    When I say "tags", I mean they pick from a moderator-approved list of tags, just like they currently pick from a moderator-approved list of categories.

    The only functional difference is that they could pick multiple tags.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    you'd better include "cat happy apple penny" or I will be surely disappointed.
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