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Better explanations of plugins

edited February 2012 in Feedback

I am still setting up a new forum, and my previous experience was with Vanilla 1. One drawback I find with Vanilla 2 is the super-brief explanation of plugins - there's just not enough information to know what most of them will do, what they will look like, etc. I would love to see more info, like there used to be.

Or is it there somewhere and I've missed it?


  • jspautschjspautsch Themester ✭✭✭

    They seem pretty straightforward to me, I mean how much detail do you need to know about "Quotes" to figure out what it does?

    Plus they're easy enough to install, when setting up a brand new forum what's stopping you from trying them out and seeing for yourself?

  • Well, take a couple of examples.

    (1) I was looking at better formatting for comments, so I was interested in HtmLawed (which seems to be switched on automatically), HTML Purifier, Button Bar and WYSIWYG (CLEditor). And I couldn't tell from the documentation what these all did, and what was different from one to the other.

    So I did as you suggested and tried them all. But some interfered with others, or were not sensible with others - e.g. who needs two lines of buttons? one took the Preview button away, one stopped the comments window re-sizing (that at least was documented) and I couldn't disable HTML Purifier after I realised I didn't need it, and so I just had to remove it from the Plugins folder.

    The result is that I'm still not sure what are the best plugins for my use, I've just had to do the simplest rather than the best thing.

    (2) And I'm still not sure what is the difference between Quotes and Quote Selection - I chose the one that was approved without being sure which was best.

    So, yes, I was able to do as you suggested, but it wasn't always conclusive, and I feel I as a user would be helped by slightly more detailed descriptions and screenshots, as used to be provided. It wouldn't be all that hard to do (compared to task of writing and debugging) and would encourage people to use a plugin.

    I just thought that if I found this to be the case, other users might also, and this was worth reporting.

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