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embed not working on WP 3.1.3 and Vanilla 2.0.18

I've Installed Vanilla to embed it in a wordpress site.
I started getting problems when the remote url box wasn't showing up.
then I added this line to the conf/config.php file and fixed it:
$Configuration['Plugins']['EmbedVanilla']['RemoteUrl'] = "";
then tried to embed it in wp but nothing, the main page of the forum i set up is empty and nothing is happening, just one js error on embed.js which I report here:
document.getElementById("vanilla-comments") is null

I've tried to disable all the plugins, changing themes, but nothing changes.
you can see the wp site here:
and the embed page here:
any help?


  • actually, it does work..that I can confirm...but it has a couple of errors and tweaks you need to know what to do about...but it's absolutely possible to figure them out on one's own, without top notch php scripting skills...

    e.g. you need to paste the URL you get from the embed vanilla plugin in vanilla and replace the URL in Wordpress with it...(somehow the original URL in the WP plugin does not work)
    then there are some issues mentioned in the apache error logs you need to take care of, then there is an issue i mentioned in feedback in case you want to make SSO work (you can find it looking for the embed-vanilla tag)

  • edited February 2012

    I deactivated the plugin and used the embed code that vanilla gives me and it's working.
    After reading your post I've checked all the logs and nothing is wrong.
    then I've tried to reactivate it and then it was even worse, the plugin can't see my vanilla installation at all, wich is quite strange, 'cause it was validating this morning but still the logs are clear and even WP in debug mode isn't been helpful.

    edit: using the embed code that vanilla gives you, it works.

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