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Setting up Filebrowser

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I'm so sorry if this is a bad thread to make but I don't understand the installation directions at all. I don't know how to make a web-accessable directory or anything. I tried looking around but couldn't find anything useful. A walk-through for 'dummies' like myself would be sooo greatly appreciated.


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    You need a general tutorial for setting up a webserver with PHP.

    What operating system is your server running?
  • I think at this point it's probably easiest to check whether kdozon has any hosting atall and if not to suggest he gets some. For the cost of it these days it's really not worth messing about making his own server.
  • Bergamot, I don't know what you mean by my server, but on my computer I'm using Windows XP. And Minisweeper, the thing is that I saw some people on Wordpress, which, I don't know if you know, is a blogging website host that allows like 1g of.. stuff. They had this filebrowser setup through there. So I thought I would be able to do something like that.. Is that what you mean by hosting? If you think it might be too complicated, I understand.
  • Yeah. To run the filebrowser script you need something running a php server (generally apache). Whilst you could set this up on your home computer, its almost entirely pointless (especially if you're not sure what youre doing) when proper web hosting is available so cheaply (or even free) these days.
    If you have a web hosting account (if not, i'll be happy to sell you one or just google web hosting and you'll have a billion results) then all you need to do is upload the contents of the filebrowser zip to your home directory (your host should tell you about this) and make a few changes to the config and you're all set to go.
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    Alright, Minisweeper would you like to help me? I'll try not to be difficult. I signed up for a little site of my own through wordpress. What's this about uploading things to my home directory? I don't mean to sound stupid, but I'm not doing very well with finding information that might help me. Thank you soo much..
  • I'm trying to check out the wordpress hosting situation now but the email is taking a while to come through. I'd be surprised, though, if it included free FTP (file transfer protocol) based hosting/the ability to upload your own files and php scripts. If it does you need to upload those files. If it doesnt you still need a hosting account.
    Lemme get back to you when my accounts been setup and i can see what the deal is.
  • Yeah. I'm sure someone will correct me if i'm wrong but the wordpress accounts dont actually allow you (it seems) to upload your own website. Therefore to get the filebrowser working you need a basic web hosting account OR a web server setup in your house. For beginners i strongly suggest the first option.
  • Okay.. Thank you minisweeper. I thiink I've got this pretty much figured out. I appreciate your help. -Kristina
  • Can filebrowser be integrated in my forum so all members can upload their pictures? Or is this for one person only? Hope my question is clear.
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    on website the introduction page is that part of vanilla or filebrowser or separate web.html page ? looks nice as an intro to filebrowser how to add stuff to the filebrowser I must have missed this in the documentation it doesn't say how to upload or do we add it to a file ? oh i got it, this is just sick damn mark is a genuis very nice is there a way to disable the save copy image feature ?
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    how do you get filebrowser to work?, I dumped it into a directory... and now here is what it looks like...


    K so now it gets more indepth... I dumped it into a directory on my home server no go... I put it on another site I do which isnt local and it works fine...
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