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Quicktags Extensions: insert image, links, blockquote etc

edited July 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I use vanilla for a small forum of mine ( & my user base isn't exactly the most computer savvy (nor am I), so I was wondering if there's anything out there that will add buttons on top of the where the commenting happens to help users add images, create clean links, blockquote, etc without having to pull out their hair or go to a 3rd party HTML websites. It will only make a simple piece of software like vanilla even simpler!


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    To be honest, I'd rather have this than a full WYSIWYG editor.
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    Same , I mean you only need buttons for <strong>, <em>, <a>, <img>, <blockquote> and maybe even <h3> ,<h4> for subheadings. Or even just <hr> while we are at it.... It doesn't matter if the code isn't displayed WYSIWYG because you have the live preview extension (or the edit button.)
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    I second (third/fourth) this motion
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    All I can tell you guys that is that a lot of of my users request it & I feel it should be built into the core as its usability is undeniably important to normal, everyday, non-techie users
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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited March 2006
    it should be built into the core

    That will never happen - it goes against the entire philosophy of Vanilla (keep it simple).

    But it could happen as an extension very easily.
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    haha. it was worth a try. Thanks, Mark.
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    I agree with Mark on this one, but I also think it would be a super extension.
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    lechlech Chicagoland
    I could have sworn I've already seen someone with this type of extension somewhere.
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    well, if you find the site again, please do comment w/ the link :-)
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    I want to encourage people posting links (using Quicktags) to make them open in a new window so I discovered this setting...

    this.newWin = 0
    I suspected setting it to [1] would add target="_blank" to the link but alas no, it didn't work, I had to hard code it in further down in the script.

    No big deal really, just thought I'd point it out for a fix in the next update of the extension.
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    I prefer to open links in a new window manually, and not always by default, so I don't think I'll add this to the extension. Maybe you could post your fix here though?
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    [rant on]

    Firstly, I wonder how many times during the course of reading comments in this forum, that one clicks on a link, never expecting to come back after viewing it, preferably to the exact same spot that you left it?

    Secondly, my members are newbies, many Mac users with a one-button mouse and nary a thought to doing a command-click to open a new window, so the easier I make the experience, the better for them. I also hate watching them clicking the back button endlessly until they come back to a familiar page.

    Thirdly, the fix didn't work, there is provision in the script as I said but it had no effect, so I manually changed line 441 to...

    edButtons[i].tagStart = '<a href="' + URL + '" target="_blank">';
    The operative bit being target="_blank"

    Fourthly, I understand you guys are experts and know exactly what you are doing, but sometimes you forget that not all end users are at the same level, some nowhere near it. That's why preferences were invented and that's why designers have a job designing.

    [rant off] I feel better now.
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    /me puts thinking hat on :)
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    If you're talking about preferences then the page *shouldnt* force links to open in new windows. That *removes* peoples ability to choose. If people like having their links open in new windows they should set their browser to do so or use the correct way of clicking on links for their preference. You're right when you say some users arent as advanced, though, so it should be added with a preference tickbox in the account page to ensure it isnt forced onto people who have their browsers set up correctly.
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    3stripe3stripe ✭✭
    edited July 2006
    If someone codes this I'll certainly add it in, my last attempt at preferences ended in failure....
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