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applying banner in default theme*

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(sorry guys, I split too much, top 2 posts should be in the minecraft theme thread)

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    To be honest I hate it. You didn't completely redo the default Vanilla theme so the default elements look gross on it.
    Basically it looks like you just pasted the default theme on a hideous background, seriously...

    The nav bar with Dashboard, Activity, etc., is way too large. I'm not half-blind.

    And my god - it's blasphemy to put ROUNDED CORNERS on a Minecraft theme.

    And the graphics...I know Minecraft graphics are bad, but you could have done better.

    I hope this theme improves with the next version :)

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    Reported as abuse , @lucasbytegenius read forum rules, this kind of post is unwanted and unmerited.


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  • I'm having a hard time getting a banner to not cause overflow at the top. 128x960 along with any other size is causing overflow.

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    You r making a banner 960px wide?

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    Exactly 128x960, as said in post. I can play with the CSS, and get it to overflow differently, but then the search and profile box are on top of each other. The banner never takes its correct position at the very top of the page.

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    Well your not giving us much to work on.

    But best to giv the banner a div id.

    < div class="mybanner>< img src="" title="" alt="" >
    < /div >
     .mybanner {
     overflow:hidden; /* why you would need this is beyond me */

    Perhaps share link to your forum, and we can code it "not so blindly for you "

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  • It happened on a clean install of Vanilla, so there seems to be something in the default.master.tpl that could be causing it. Something could of gone wrong with my test setup, so I'll reset everything and try again.

  • Even with a completely clean install, a 128x960 banner is causing overflow. I'll see what I can figure out.

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    Share information ! Code , link etc. Its quite ridiculous posting updates with no substance, that way we can assist you.

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  • I'm no longer asking for help, just posting that a problem seems to exist. If you are interested in resolving the issue, I'd recommend using a clean test vanilla, applying this theme, and uploading a 128x960 banner.
    I unfortunately cannot leave the website I run broken or I would, and there isn't anything different from the code available in the theme here and my test forum, which is a clean xampp Apache install on Win7x64 with the latest recommended version of Vanilla. I'll put up links to a dummy banner, and a screenshot with the banner applied soon. As soon as I figure out a resolution, I'll post the code that fixes it.

    If I am in error, which is possible as I am still learning web development, posting a screen shot of this theme with a working 128x960 banner would shut me up :) .

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    You cannot just plonk a block that big ino your code without there being other issues. Perhaps its best i not reply further on this as second guessing your issue is getting us nowhere.

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