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I need two particular plugins.

edited March 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

First, I want to say that I'm new to Vanilla, but it's been such an easy integration. I have no doubt that if my little project becomes successful, most of the credit belongs to this fantastic forum.

I've looked through every plugin and theme available here -- literally. I've found TONS that are helpful beyond belief, but I need two in particular that I'm not able to find. I've used google to no avail, so I decided to come to the community.

First, I'm looking for a voting plugin. Not just ANY voting plugin, though. I would like one that is simply numerical (1-10, .5 increments) that shows the result of each vote but also adds an average at the bottom. For instance: 5 people have voted. We have a 6, a 7, two 8's, and a 5.5. I'd love to see each of these votes, but also am interested in the 6.9 average that comes from them all.

Second, user titles. I want to set 0-50 posts = (title), 51-250 = (title), and so on.

I'd like to think I'm a bit more savvy than the average person when it comes to coding and web developing...but I'd also like to think 21 year old blondes still dig me. It's just not the truth. If these plugins aren't available, what's my best bet for making these myself? I'm open to any and all suggestions.

Thanks for reading.


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    UnderDogUnderDog MVP
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    I like your humor.

    The voting plugin that you need is probably not available yet, as you figured out. Either look in the current voting plugin to see if it's easily adjustable or build your own, which would be fun.

    As far as the documentation to write your own plugin: I found 2 locations: and ( I would go for the second location for now, it's really a community effort at the moment.

    The second plugin you need... I think I figured out what you need, I had to read your paragraph about 3 times before I could match it with my knowledge about Vanilla..

    Let's say a user makes his 51st post, he will get a new rank, for example : Casual Visitor, and with 251st post : can't stay away (sorry for stating the obvious).

    You can look at what vanilla does with "Badges"

    I would also look at the Memberships and Groups plugins

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    422422 Developer MVP

    Thats about the most comprehensive answer you could wish for.

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    Thanks underdog! I appreciate the help. Now, to start down the road of plugins. I wonder if Vanilla 3 will be out by the time I'm done.

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    Sm1ttySm1t said:
    I wonder if Vanilla 3 will be out by the time I'm done.

    LOL, I haven't made a plugin, so cannot help much in that area. All I know is that it should be easy enough.

    Maybe write a blog about it. Keep pounding on us when something isn't clear and you'll be fine. Start with a little "Hello World" if you will. Just don't ask what to do if you want to make it "Hello tough World", LOL

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    hbfhbf wiki guy? MVP

    I think the second plugin would be the easiest of the two, and certainly where i would get my feet wet. After trying the tutorial on the wiki id sugwst downloading a couple of plugins which have some similar functionality (in terms of how they work, not what they do)

    Role badges., and top posters. Both have some functionality you could leverage for a simple tagging.

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