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Anyone know how to use RoR?

I aparantly have "Ruby on Rails" as part of my hosting package. I know it's some kind of java based scripting language that's making life easier for trillions of users over to globe (sic) but i have no idea how to use it. Do i create files with special extentions that get parsed (like php?), do i have to put them in my cgi bin? Or do i have to offer up lesser gems (emeralds and such) to the god of ruby as a sacrifice... (I might be a bit carried away) I asked my hosting providers - - nothing helpful there. And i'd count the users on this forum as "more tech savvy". Can someone tell me how i'd get a "Hello World" RoR script/app/whatever- i can work the rest out from tuts. Thanks yall


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    To begin with its not Java-based, its not a language, and running it isn't as simple as just dropping it into a directory or using it like PHP. It is a web-framework based on the scripting language, Ruby, which helps you to create web applications. You might want to check out the main site for more info.
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    right, point taken. But how do i hello world? All the tutorials i've seen seem to involve installing it on a local box....
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    Well, if you are trying to get it running on your hosting provider, there's no real specific way at this point in time as to how it might work. I had to create symlinks to directories and all kinds of other junk. The way to get it working on your provider might be different. The Ruby, code, however, will be the exact same no matter how you run it on your provider.
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    i take advantage of ruby on rails in my dreamhost packagage. for example, my personal blog.
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    First you play in development mode at home.
    InstantRails on Windows is a fast way to do so, if you don't have already installed MySQL and Apache on your computer. Development mode allows to modify any .rb or .rhtml file and see the result in your browser by hitting (Ctrl-)F5, nice when you are writing your program!

    When you've finished writing your application, you want to deploy it in the wild wild net. There you'll have to switch to production mode and host it. I think there are tutorials to do so, depending if it's Apache or lighttpd, cgi or FastCGI, subdomains or not, a valid url for or only valids, etc
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