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How do you think mint works?

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Can it really be that hard? I have no idea what the js file that needs to be included does, but I think (I have never used mint, so only guesses at this stage), php handles all the rest. Could it be that hard to make? I like the sounds of mint, but I don't like the price-tag. I still think a hosted statistics program would be nice, especially if it was free. I want to look into making one, so here is what I think it does: 1. User goes to site 2. PHP grabs all the interesting data and the times and all that (checks for cookies for repeat visitors and such), then sends it back to the mint servers somewhere over in Inman land. 3. Inman land pulls data from is database and presents it in a pretty shade of green. Would you use a free one, or go with larger, more 'feature packed' options like Analytics, or whatever it is called form Google, or other single use applications?


  • I've been using Slimtstat, the free spin-off predecessor to Mint because I don't think it's worth it for me to buy Mint. All good so far.
  • well. thats sorted. That looks fine for my purposes, and its free. Thanks, 3stripe
  • Let me just say this that there is absotively-lutely-tively nothing better than Mint when you want to check stats. I know since I use Mint on our company page. There isn't anything you would want to know that Mint or some Peppers don't have. And slimstat (used that on my own page btw) is about 0.001% what Mint is, and maybe even less. Plus it is accurate, something Slimstats is not. Trust me when I say, $30 is a chumpchange to pay for something like Mint. I would pay $300 for it.
  • I like my Mint stats but I don't like them to the tune of $300. $30 is perfect pricing.
  • Slimstat is good. Mint is good. I tend to use Slimstat for small things and I like the paths through the site thing. I haven't found a pepper for that yet.
  • oh and if a user clears their cookies and returns to your site, mint will count them twice. not a good thing if you're running a competition and people are desperately trying to delete cookies and vote twice.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Mainly what the JS is responsible for is redundancy and a few browser specific events php hasn't exactly got access to. Quite possibly, it's easier to sniff out app version, max width/height of the desktop and other random things with js and have it report to the script. If you've tried shauns previous site stats script, most of the code is already there, mint has just been neatly rewritten from that into a compiled source and framework to support extensions (pepper) and other things. Don't forget the ajax. I'd like to see the source for it in it's current state, but since it's closed off, I think there are better alternatives out there since mint doesn't appaer to handle everything.
  • Mint isn't too bad. I usually just like referer tracking so Mint doesn't do a too bad job of it. Though Textism had a good referer tracker but Mint can handle referers abit better and that's why I paid $30 for it.
  • Dumb question, how do I install SlimStat onto my Vanilla forum?
  • The easiest way is for someone to write an extension, but it really isn't that hard to add one line to index.php
  • Oh, just the one line?
  • Oh, ignore that anyway, just realised I don't know the MySQL username and password and would rather not tell my friend I'm installing a more than likely resource intensive and unnessential app onto his server :(
  • SlimStat is anything but resource intensive, and it's a matter of taste if it is unessential.
  • 3stripe3stripe ✭✭
    edited April 2006
    I've still not bothered to password protect my slimstat folder - is that bad?
  • Your users may not like that their IP addresses are being stored and displayed publicly.

    Otherwise, I can't think of any major security risks.
  • I'm using slimstat but I wish there was a plugin for Screen Widths, like there is in Mint. There isn't is there?
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Why do I find it funny that both slimstats and vanilla are at the same version number? ITS A SIGN!
  • Good point Kosmo, thanks. Like I said, the website is hosted on my friends PC at his house (he lives in Sweden so has an extremely fast connection) so I did feel a little cheeky, as it happens I gave him the URL and he liked the look of it so much he took the time to set it all up for me too, it's a nice little script eh?
  • Yes, it is as nice as clowns getting killed by karate chop from a baby.
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