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Can badges and reactions be purchased on a Monthly Plan?

LizLiz New
edited April 2012 in Feedback

I have recently launched a website that includes a Vanilla forum. My website is a support service for families of Special Needs children and we do not have the funds to pay for hosted forums.

I love the idea of the badges and reactions though and think that it is a great way of getting shy members active. Whilst we can't afford the $149+ a month we could certainly afford $10-$25 per month to use badges and reactions.

I am thinking there could be alot of people in my position and this could work well all round. I don't need tech support for my forum, I don't need to call and use your staffs time. I just want those add ons. I know the thought process is that these add ons will pull in more hosted members for you and it is a great marketing strategy but this is a way of making money of those of us who genuinely cannot afford to be hosted clients.

That could be potentially $300 a year from those of us you wouldn't normally make anything from.

What do you think? I'm not interested in petitions, but I am in negotiating :)


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