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This discussion is related to the I Like This ( Plugin ) addon.
sarowlwpsarowlwp New
edited May 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.3

Suggest plus a css class , give 'Unlike' , 'Like' different css class , so people can custom ther "like button"

here my code

          if (in_array($UID, $Likes))
            $QuoteURL = Url("discussion/Like/{$Url}/remove",TRUE);
            $QuoteText = T('Unlike');
            $QuoteClass = 'Unlike';
            $QuoteURL = Url("discussion/Like/{$Url}",TRUE);
            $QuoteText = T('Like');
            $QuoteClass = 'Like';
          $Src .= '<span class="LikeThis '.$QuoteClass.'"><a href="'.$QuoteURL.'">'.$QuoteText.'</a></span>';
        return $Src;


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