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One quick question, I think I might know the answers but I want to double-check.

What would I need to do to get it to fit into a site pretty as an embed?

I'm assuming:

modify some width values
remove some extra header sections
and change a few background images
in custom.css?

(i've been having some trouble with editing custom.css, but that's another story)



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    Thanks for the plug. Yer a chick via fb had same questions, she was working on intranet site and it had to be embed. In embedding a theme, you are pretty much making a theme responsive to a given iframe size.

    Its all maths.
    So if your iframe in 920px you would need to work thru, panels content etc to set sizes. The difficulty comes with plugins, personally i always redo the css for my plugins, within custom.css.

    Always remember css reads attributes and spews them out on last read basis, so the use if the !important element is neccessary.

    Im always happy to look at setups, not my own and brainstorm. The use of % values for width are a pre requisite.

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