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Url different to directory

edited May 2012 in Localization

Hi, i need install vanilla forums in a directory ({domain}/vanilla) but use it from /.

I saw in the config-defaults.php file, but i didn't see see how do it.

Can you help me?

*I can't do using .htaccess.


  • you need to do it with both .htaccess and

    $Configuration['Garden']['WebRoot'] = 'vanilla';
    $Configuration['Garden']['StripWebRoot'] = TRUE;

    grep is your friend.

  • I got this whith class.request.php, but there is an error :(
    You can create a new forum from

    Do you see all correct in I see the theme broken, but in not.

    I can't use the .htaccess in this project, I'm using more scripts and must be so

    Thanks for your help @x00 :)

  • You haven't explained adequately why yo can't use htaccess or server rules, you can't help people who don't want to be helped. How do expect vanilla to find itself?

    if you edit the core that is your wrap.

    grep is your friend.

  • I don't want to modify the core, but I don't found another way.

    I tried what you said and did not work.

    I can't use the .htaccess in this project, I'm using more cms and if I modify the htaccess would be a conflict with other cms.

  • I doubt that if you do it diligently.

    First if you are having another software which is accessed via root then you really shouldn't be running them together like that. Not unless you are extremely technically competent and willing to work through the potential conflicts. that is beyond the scope of help here.

    If the URIs are going to conflict it is not reasonable to to expect us to predict how. There are too many unknowns. Best err on the side of caution.

    if you just wanted to put vanilla its own folder, so that you root is not cluttered, that is fine, so long the other software is accessed through distinct paths.

    grep is your friend.

  • edited May 2012

    Now it only have in the index.php (not from /vanilla, from /):

        include "vanilla/index.php";

    And it broke the theme. The ./vanilla/index.php is original from vanilla.

    I saw with Firebug and I saw no errors.

  • vanilla isn't wordpress.

    Either tell what it is you you are hoping to achieve rather then how you think you would like to achieve it, or support your own changes.

    Being ambiguous doesn't really help your cause much much.

    You should also try deleting .ini files in cache if you make migrations.

    grep is your friend.

  • I just saw that exists, something like what I'm trying to do.

    My intention is to give the user choose which application to use and modify as little as possible the core of the cms to easily upgrade to future versions manually.

    If I speak a little wrong or just talking is because I am Spanish.

  • Ah I think we are getting somewhere.

    Could you provide a rough layout of the directory structure relative to root, also let us know what this cms is.

    You might be changing the physical layout and goign with a different solution depending.

    grep is your friend.

  • In my ftp there are installed (And it works correctly) in /vanilla the vanilla forum script.

    I need have this script in ./vanilla, but also I need use it from the root of the domain.

    I'm including with include (PHP) the index of vanilla, but it brokes the theme and other parts of the script.

    Use in a directory, having installing in other directory, but without using .htaccess. Use it would generate conflicts with other cms.

  • 422422 Developer MVP
    edited May 2012

    You can have different htaccess in different folders.

    As vanilla SHOULD be in its own folder, then why not edit its own htaccess.

    You probably have a misconfigured '/'

    Alternativelt in default.master.php set a base href meta.

  • x00x00 MVP
    edited May 2012

    you are goign to have to give me somethign or I'm going to give up, it is nothign to do with you begin Spanish.

    post the .htaccess file, give directory structure. Details...

    You say there are givens, well if there are givens then accept that there are givens, if you are asking for help then don't make assumptions, it might not be true.

    grep is your friend.

  • edited May 2012

    My main .htaccess contents:

      RewriteEngine On
      RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC]
      RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301]
      RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC]
      RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301]
      RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC]
      RewriteRule ^i([0-9]+) index.php?url_id=$1 [L]
      RewriteRule ^p/(.*)-(.*).jsp$ portal/pages.php?m=$1&action=$2 [L,QSA]
      RewriteRule ^p/(.*).jsp$ portal/pages.php?m=$1&action=$2 [L,QSA]
      RewriteRule ^p/(.*).st/(.*)$ portal/pages/$1/img/$2 [L,QSA]
      RewriteRule ^p/(.*)?/? portal/index.php?m=$1 [L,QSA]
      RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
      RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
      RewriteRule (.*) index.php?p=$1 [L,QSA]

    This index include vanilla/index.php and in /vanilla/.htaccess is the original htaccess:

       RewriteEngine On
       RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
       RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
       RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php\?p=$1 [QSA,L]
  • I already got it.

    It was for the encoding of files.


  • you mean when you uploaded the files it was in the wrong encoding?

    grep is your friend.

  • mzungu


    grep is your friend.

  • x00 said:
    you mean when you uploaded the files it was in the wrong encoding?

    Yes, but not the vanilla, the mine.

  • well glad it is work then.

    grep is your friend.

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