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Give Thanks to the Vanilla Developers!

UnderDogUnderDog Moderator
edited May 2012 in Feedback

Hi all,

I think it's time to give some kudo's, thanks, likes to the Vanilla developers!

These guys are working their respective asses off just to give us this kick-ass forum, it's time we give something back to them.


Working on it. I think we, as a community, could work on that. We don't need the developers unless there's something really techy going on. We would love to see their input though...


We all should do some testing on 2.1 (on local system!).

The tech (coder) guys could do the more technical testing, see if plugins still work on 2.1, report weird stuff (and hopefully solutions!) and bugs on gitHub.

The theme guys could see if all the themes still work on 2.1, report weird stuff (and hopefully solutions!) on gitHub. Make more themes if you like, guys, 2.1 has some new things regarding themeing.

For the guys that say : "I'm not a themer and I'm not a coder" we could use your help on the Vanilla Wiki site. That brings me to the following question : Do we want full sourcecode documentation? Do we want a full user manual? Just a user-guide? Or only how-to's?


Do all plugins still work with 2.1?
Do they unpack / unzip correctly? (report from the plugin's page if it doesn't!)
Any issues installing?
Any issues using in combination with other plugins?
Theme issues?

All this can be done, while our great Vanilla Developers are working on 2.1. We as a community could do these things. Who's willing to help?

in the meantime : say thanks to the developers!



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