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This discussion is related to the File Upload Detect addon.
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File Upload Detect is great but I found 2 bugs with Version 2.1a19 (https://github.com/vanillaforums/Garden):

  1. It only works when I comment to a discussion, and doesn't work when I start a new discussion.
    If I attach an image when writting a new discussion, I can see the image at the bottom, but I can't find it after I post the discussion.

  2. When I attach image in a comment, I can't find it after I post the comment. I can only find it after refreshing the page.

If the addon is installed on vanilla-core-2-0-18-4, it don't have the same problems.


  • UnderDogUnderDog Moderator

    And you posted those 2 bugs in separate bug reports on gitHub?
    What are the bug numbers?

  • Oh, I didn't

  • peregrineperegrine MVP
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    it would be cool if you did and possibly if people posting bugs refer to the 2.1 version number in the post title, or if it was all added to one post related to 2.1 that i believe underdog mentioned with a tag to the related plugin.

    nice explanation of the bugs though 770 :)

    I may not provide the completed solution you might desire, but I do try to provide honest suggestions to help you solve your issue.

  • Hi, the bug is here https://github.com/vanillaforums/Garden/issues/1363 and I added version number in the post title.
    I am here no more than 1 day, so I'm not familiar with some operations...sorry

  • 2.1 is bleeding edge. Not production ready. 2-0-18-4 is safe for production.

    I would reluctant to add support for 2.1 yet until it is released.

    grep is your friend.

  • UnderDogUnderDog Moderator

    rwxrwx said:
    I am here no more than 1 day, so I'm not familiar with some operations...sorry

    Don't worry, you did great.

    x00 is right. 2.1 is the latest of the lastest, meaning alpha or probably even pre-alpha.
    We can try to fix the bugs but really support it has to wait till the beta / final version.

    In this case you're installing a plugin within the latest greatest version of Vanilla, meaning that the plugin probably needs an update once Vanilla 2.1 comes out.

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