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Anyone using Whispers with Van2? Have a question re recovery and editing

Andy KAndy K
edited June 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

Hey all, was posting here rather than github on the off chance that there were others using (the admittedly highly experimental) Whispers in Van2:

Two questions for those that might be in the know:

1) In troubleshooting a bizarre addon issue, I disabled/enabled Conversations application (which I'd done before with no problem), and then disabled/enabled Vanilla. After doing so, new Whispers are created, but all the whispers that had been created to that point are not viewable.
I see they're all still on the mysql DB in ConversationMessage. I can't see any behavior that would explain why they are not displaying within the application, though (even to full Admin). Any ideas?

2) As an aside, if anyone knows why Whispers in Van2 are not editable, we'd love to hear your thoughts!




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    Andy KAndy K
    edited June 2012

    Oh hey, those whispers, while disassociated with their discussions, are all viewable in Inbox. So that's good enough for me!

    BTW, I did a second test and saw this:

    ☆ Disable Conversations

    ☆ Disable Vanilla

    ☆ Enable Vanilla

    ☆ Enable Conversations: Conversations will not enable, you will get this warning:

    The addon could not be enabled because it generated a fatal error:

    Can't DROP 'IX_Conversation_DiscussionID'; check that column/key exists|Gdn_Database|Query|alter table GDN_Conversation

    drop index IX_Conversation_DiscussionID;

    ☆ Enable Conversations again; this time it works

    But all old whispers are no longer associated to their discussions.

    Sad, but ultimately not a huge deal, since they're viewable from folks' Inboxes.

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