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Registration - Connect - How to find the existing users by email and assign new users to a group

HumbleHumble New
edited June 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.3

I have few questions on How the Connect and then the Twitter, Google, Facebook, OpenID OAuth works.

I basically converted my forum to Vanilla Forum by importing the members/messages.

  1. When the existing member sign in using OAuth, then the email we get from OAuth profile might match with existing members email, then I don't want to create new user but would like to associate the existing user to the OAuth detailis.

  2. When a new member sign in using OAuth, I want them to be part of a particular group like (Confirm Email group). So that I can put them on Moderation for a while till I find them not a spammer.

I saw the twitter, facebook and google plugins code and looked at the Base_ConnectData_Handler. At the end of it we are setting some values to the form, but don't know how to search the users by email and put them in a particular group.


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