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Image button inserts !() instead of ![](). Strikeout inserts -- instead of

This discussion is related to the Button Bar addon.
zaneperryzaneperry New
edited June 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.3

I appreciate any help with this issue. I have tried deleting the plugin and reinstalling it with no luck.


  • I was able to manually fix the image one by editing buttonbar.js and changing

    case 'image': var thisOpts = $.extend(markdownOpts, { prefix:'!', opentag:'(', closetag:')', opener:'', closer:'' });


    case 'image': var thisOpts = $.extend(markdownOpts, { prefix:'!', opentag:'[](', closetag:')', opener:'', closer:'' });

    Why would I need to make this change though? What did I do to break this?

  • Sure enough the strike says

    case 'strike':

    which would lead to --

  • zaneperryzaneperry New
    edited June 2012

    I changed it to fix.


    I just opened up the file in the zip file I downloaded and it does not have the code I had before which was incorrect. I am at a loss to what happened. I will try to reupload again.

  • What is the escape key for code ' characters?

  • After investigating further I see that the simple html switch statement produces the


    and the Markdown code is in fact meant to insert


    I assume this is an issue with button bar that folks have caught on to.

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