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POSTing with the builtin ajax functions?

ithcyithcy New
edited April 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
i'm thinking it's not possible, but is it?
i would like to ajax some data to a php script via POST instead of GET.


  • ithcyithcy New
    edited April 2006
    nevermind, i modified ajax.js to handle POSTs, but it didn't help me anyway :)
  • ithcyithcy New
    edited April 2006
    actually it does exactly what i want it to do.
    hey Mark, i know you hate javascript, so if you're interested, i changed the LoadData function in DataManager in js/ajax.js with this:

    this.LoadData = function(DataSource,postVars) { if(undefined === postVars) postVars = false; // Debug // document.location = DataSource; var Request = this.InitiateXmlHttpRequest(); if (Request != null) { try { Request.onreadystatechange = this.CreateDataHandler(Request); if(!postVars) {"GET", DataSource, true); Request.send(null); } else {"POST", DataSource, true); Request.setRequestHeader("Content-Type","application/x-www-form-urlencoded"); Request.setRequestHeader("Content-length", postVars.length); Request.setRequestHeader("Connection", "close"); Request.send(postVars); } } catch(oc) { alert(oc); } } }

    that way it doesn't break any part of the site that's already using ajax, and it allows POSTing by calling it with post variables (i.e. "s=some%20urlencoded%data") as the second argument.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I'd say instead of altering the Vanilla js, just write your own version of the DataManager (named something else, of course) and include/use that on your pages. That way you will get all of the functionality you want, and it won't conflict with vanilla's js code.

    I just spent the entire evening going through all of Vanilla's javascript changing stuff. I don't feel like going back into the woods right about now, sorry :)
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