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[FileUpload 1.5.2] Untranslatable strings!

This discussion is related to the fileupload addon.
emziemzi New
edited July 2012 in Localization

Title: Lost T()

Path: /plugins/FileUpload/class.fileupload.plugin.php

Target: 'Media'

Fix: T('Media')

Target: "Uploaded file type is not allowed."

Fix: T("Uploaded file type is not allowed.")

Target: ("The post data was too big (max {$PostMaxSize})",10,'???');

Fix: (T('The post data was too big (max')." {$PostMaxSize})",10,'???');

Title: Untranslatable lines

Path: /plugins/FileUpload/js/fileupload.php

Target: "File upload failed. Reason: "

Target: 'An unknown error occured.'


Title: T() function is not on the right position!

Path: /plugins/FileUpload/views/fileupload.php

Target: <?php echo T('Define who can upload and manage files on the '.Anchor('Roles & Permissions','/dashboard/role').' page.'); ?>

Fix: <?php echo T('Define who can upload and manage files on the').' '.Anchor(T('Roles & Permissions'),'/dashboard/role').' '.T('page.'); ?>

Click here > Ctrl+F > search for "FileUpload" around the Page.


  • Agree..... some or many of the strings are not translatable through the use of localization files, such as this one...

    "File upload failed. Reason: "

    To translate it, I will have to change the fileupload.js which is not the proper way of doing.

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