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From RoR to Django, smart man's decision to go with the flow

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HAH! Another subject that doesn't tell much, I'm the KING of this

Anyway, a good few months spent learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails, hundred bucks spent on books and a Linux machine with Lighty+MySQL+Fcgi set up for development and now I'm contemplating on changing to Django, is the man insane! Sure, why not.

I still love Ruby, it's awesome language and RoR is a killer, it would cut you so fast you wouldn't even die, you would just crawl back to the womb and I don't know, maybe be reborn, who am I?

But Django has one crucial advantage, it will work on almost any host, if I had one hundred fingers on my hand I could count the Finnish service providers with one hand, but with RoR I can count them with my fist.

And frankly, if you are going to create a CMS system, you should do it with Django, just for the fact that it has a admin magic, not because it is hard to do with RoR, but because you have to spend time doing it, Django admin interface isn't perfect but it's admin interface with all the googads you need to get started and shine in front of your boss (believe me, I shine like there is no tomorrow).
I have already built admin interface with RoR for my client, but it still leaves the question of self built user administration or one of the shake and bake ones, I looked at the shake 'n bakes and most of the time, they aren't just user administration, most of the time they offer things that I don't need, so I should build it myself. BOOOOOORING

Also, I like the idea of working with a tool that is being used on so many serious projects, especially in the newspaper world, RoR has very few useful projects to show off, typo is the only one I can think of that is actually useful tool for anything, the rest is just toys. I guess there are few serious sites built with RoR, but it just feels that it's this big thing but it's not just here, it's the worlds fastest and biggest train but it's right next to the tracks, as where Django is almost equally as fast and big, but it is actually on the tracks.

What I mean is that I'm not going to end my work on RoR but I will transfer my bigger projects to Django. I guess it is time to learn Python.


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    But, um, then I'd have to write in Python...

    (just kidding)
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    And for the record, money spent on programming books is not wasted just because you switch platforms; the knowledge always sticks with you and usually is at least somewhat relevant.
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    Yeah, I didn't mean that it was completely wasted, I am going to continue on RoR development (my own publishing platform is so far on the development cycle that scratching that and doing it again in Django would be stupid) so the books are still in good use.

    Now I just have to learn Python and Django, I already made the arrangements on our host so that they know something fishy is going to start soon. I hope my cookings don't explode their server, tom foolery and what not.
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