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[Solved] Localization why NO instructions?

pehjapehja New
edited July 2012 in Feedback

How can I get vanilla to be Swedish ?? Have found files, but no instruction "what so ever." I think I posted a question a year ago. But no one answered. Do not expect no one to do so this time either.


  • Well... an opinion is an opnion, can't do anything about that unfortunately.

    If you wouldn't have made that remark though, I would have pointed you to a direct link in the documentation.

    Right now, you can find your own way : here : http://vanillaforums.org/docs. Good luck :-)

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  • pehjapehja New
    edited July 2012

    Sorry if I hurt your feelings! I figured it out on my own. Thanks! But it is frustrating when you search and search. And since I posted a question a long time ago and that had still not been answered you start to wonder. I promise not to be rude again. Thanks for trying to help!

    I also have posted a question regarding Facebook login. That has not been answered either. But thats another matter.

  • I couldn't find the question about translation you posted a year ago... but hey, since you solved it, that's ok.

    Your facebook login problem is this question : http://vanillaforums.org/discussion/20302/facebook-loggin and I guess you need to interpret the error message.

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  • Ok Thanks!

  • ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff

    I am just curious why you couldn't find anything on localization? The documentation has a clear link at the top of the page and there is some help on localization. Also, click on the localization category and read some of the posts there. I've been putting effort into localization quite a bit lately and there's been good dialog in the localization category.

    It's just strange to me that you would not even look in those places and get frustrated right away.

  • Hm, I dont know why. I am use to forums and usually find my way around. I also try to look at information before posting. In this case there was information about localization but the instructions was unclear. Perhaps I was frustrated to soon remembering the poor feedback last time. This time however there have been lots of comments and help. What can I say. This was my experience. And I don't know what has been changed since last time I was here. However my problem is resolved. And I have my forum in my language. I am sorry if I upset you or anyone else who have created Vanilla and this forum. But glad you took it serious. I like vanilla very much and think it´s a great forum. So keep up the good work! :-)

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