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Thanks, and a question

businessdadbusinessdad Stealth contributor MVP
edited August 2012 in Feedback

@x00: Thanks for the plugin. If possible, I'd like to ask you a question about it: why using YAML for the configuration file? I see that Vanilla supports JSON and XML in most places, therefore I was wondering why adding a new format to the game. Please note this is a curiosity, the plugin is great. :)




  • XML is frankly too verbose and not very readable, in fact it is responsible for wasting 10 years of progress with w3c so I'm not fan of it, also its extensibility is overstated, because very few people use it that way, and often causes more problem than it solves, not least the larger parsing overhead.

    Html5 could have happened much earlier it wasn't for the overriding obsession with XML and XHTML in w3c. In the end others left w3c in their wake and took matters into their own hands . XML has been a total distraction and dead end, especially the 'perfect' form (I'm not against tag like markup languages persay)

    Yaml is an extremely versatile an readable serialisation language, which JSON is effectively a subset of.

    You can do thing in Yaml that are not normally possible in dry JSON an XML. You can prevent duplication with references and various other niceties. It one of the clearest serialisation formats, which is why it is used in configuration on many frameworks.

    Vanilla/Garden uses a pure php configuration, because is it adequate for the job, and can be manipulated directly.

    grep is your friend.

  • Take SVG for example, points along a curve, these are serialised in an attribute, it is not XMLs power there.

    VRML was an early obsession of mine. but even they knew it was only possible this way.

    grep is your friend.

  • businessdadbusinessdad Stealth contributor MVP

    @x00 Thanks for the explanation, you're the only one so far who gave me a good reason for using YAML. By the way, I also don't like XML. ;)

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