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looking for plugin for Simple API

mnrmnr New
edited August 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

Hello all,

I just read the blog post about the new Simple API. But I can't seem to find the plug-in. Where should I be looking?




  • UnderDogUnderDog Moderator

    I think you read this post? The plugin you might be looking for is an application. I hope it's the same one as described in the blog post :-)

    backup, backup, backup first please :-)

  • The plugin/application at 542-api-json was uploaded July 2010. The article (located at ) was dated July 2012.

    The api documentation says to put it in the plug-in folder - but doesn't seem to indicate where to download a plug-in.

    Seems like a mismatch of some sort, and like you say, this deserves some caution during use. I'd like to make sure I'm starting with the right parts.


  • I have the same problem. I am using a completely fresh install of Vanilla, and just want to get this "Simple API" working. It's not in my plugins folder, nor is there any sort of download link for it other than the 542-api-json above, which is clearly not the exact same thing. To staff: when you guys implemented the Simple API, where did you put it/where can we get it?

  • I think this is only available for hosted versions.

  • @HalfCat said:
    I think this is only available for hosted versions.

    Nope, it's something else. It's something that needs to be figured out, but in my opinion the 542-api-json is an application and not a plugin.

  • @UnderDog said:
    Nope, it's something else. It's something that needs to be figured out, but in my opinion the 542-api-json is an application and not a plugin.

    Well, the documentations is talking about the plugin that only has to be enabled. So, I guessed that it is integrated for hosted versions as it is most definitely not available in the open source version to my knowledge.

  • In relation to the 'Simple API' they're talking about, it may be worth noting that looking trying to find it in the docs for .org forwards you to .com (the hosted solution...)

    542-api-json is an application, if you drop it in applications it will appear in the dashboard and you can install it. Unfortunately I can't get any further than that, all the API URIs just throw a 404...

  • mxxxmxxx New
    edited October 2012

    i fixed the 404 error by renaming the application folder 'api', i spose that was a simple one. i then had to create a few empty views, too.

    • api/views/category/index.php
    • api/views/comment/index.php
    • api/views/discussion/index.php
    • api/views/session/index.php

    all blank files. now it works. this is on a 2.0.18 install.

    keep in mind though i've only looked at vanilla for a few hours now so i have no idea how most of it works, and this may be a complete hack of a fix.

  • ^ yeah actually don't do that. that breaks regular views. i'll keep digging.

  • Whatever you find, please add it to the Vanilla Wiki

  • TimTim Operations Vanilla Staff

    SimpleAPI is a hosted-only plugin, at least for now.

    Vanilla Forums COO [GitHub, Twitter,]

  • Really disappointed the API is a "hosted only" feature. This and several others. Obviously, Vanilla has to make some money somewhere, and I will gladly pay. However, I want to host the forum myself.

    It should be made clearer in the documentation that the API isn't available for open community users. Would have saved me some wasted time trying to find it.

    I think there's a gap in the market for a Vanilla-like forum solution that doesn't have arbitrary limitations like this.

  • businessdadbusinessdad Stealth contributor MVP
    edited November 2012

    @chrisbeach I'm actually creating an API plugin. It will be different from the one built in hosted Vanilla, as it's going to be tailored to my clients' needs, but I'm trying to make it flexible.

  • If you are looking for a full feature API, you can try Tapatalk API:

    It supports Vanilla now.

  • svtguy88svtguy88 New
    edited February 2013

    Anything new here?

    I would love to have an API, but I'm not about to use the hosted solution, and, as noted, the old 542-api-json doesn't really work -- after fooling with it a little (adding empty views, etc.), I can get some data from it (like a user's transient key), but it breaks the ability to view discussion posts and other pages.

    If I have time, I may dig into this and see if I can't make it work. A usable API would be awesome, and really take Vanilla to the next step. I love what it does, and how (relatively) easy it is to work with, but without an API, it's difficult to properly integrate into a site.

  • businessdadbusinessdad Stealth contributor MVP

    I also think it would be a good feature, if implemented correctly.

    Some time ago I was commissioned the analysis of a fully featured API engine for Vanilla, which was to support both read and write operations, as well as allowing expandability by adding new API endpoint classes. All considered, it was a fairly complex project, but definitely doable. Unfortunately, the client deemed it too expensive (even without considering possible overruns) and the it was canceled.

  • GaryFunkGaryFunk Senior Application Developer ✭✭

    I am currently working on an API to read and write to MySQL. What the API will not do, is interact the PHP sessions.

  • businessdadbusinessdad Stealth contributor MVP

    @GaryFunk said:
    I am currently working on an API to read and write to MySQL. What the API will not do, is interact the PHP sessions.

    That could be a good interim solution, but an API should be integrated with Vanilla itself and use its libraries. I'm all for bypassing sluggish frameworks such as Magento (I've done it recently, performance increase was something like 4700%), but Vanilla is quite fast.

  • GaryFunkGaryFunk Senior Application Developer ✭✭

    I totally agree but I'm writing the SQL outside of PHP because I need it NOW.

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