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No custom CSS plugin?

davey_hdavey_h New
edited August 2012 in Feedback

I have spent about 30 minutes now looking through the docs and searching plugins about theming and changing the CSS. I can't believe that there isn't a plugin that covers this task.

I saw ' A Quick-Start Guide to Creating Themes for Vanilla' and get the principals behind it and making into your own theme and editing a custom CSS. but it occurred to me that that creating a whole new custom theme seems a long way round for some one who just wants to tweak a theme for some basic color changes to blend in with site branding. Background colors, Header text color, text color, link colors etc.

I haven't the skill set to create one myself but it seems there is an opening there for someone who does?



  • So : 2 links for creating your own theme and introduction into themeing :

    The last one will lead to other links. Also take a look at the Vanilla Wiki where something is written about themeing.
    No-one is going to help you changing colors in an existing theme, you have to do that yourself.
    All you can do is rename the current theme directory (the theme you downloaded) and then adjust whatever you like.
    How you need to adjust those things is something you can learn by reading the links I just gave you.

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  • @davey_h

    I created a custom theme called annotated_css which should cover most what you are looking for.

    As the name suggests, I annotated the css rules in the custom.css file to show what the rules affect.

    Simply delete or comment out the rules you don't want.


  • Thanx whu606 I will have a look.
    @underdog, I never even expected any help with this it was an observation.
    I attempted a custom theme with css and it didn't work. I obviously got it wrong but though what a complete hassle to to change the css colors. Thats why I posted.

  • A custom.css file could just contain one thing, but its yours. You own it.

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  • @whu606 Thanks have downloaded and looked at your theme. I see what you're doing there with the vivid colours, great idea. Only with mine I have it embedded and the theme is too wide.

    BUT... Even the embed friendly is a bit cramped looking so I may see if I can get the forum page to be 100% with no sidebar. I think there is a WP plug in for that - am looking now.

    Other wise I might see what I can learn from yours to use in the embed friendly.


  • @davey_h

    Yeah, the theme isn't intended to be used on a site, but simply to show how to change common elements.

    As @422 points out, your custom css file can have as few rules as you need.

    If you just want to change the body color, for example, just add that rule to your custom.css file.

  • OK... So now I find that it is not possible to have 'just one page' with one column no sidebar in WP according to what I am reading. Plan B

  • I'm fairly sure there used to be an option to have no side panel in embed versions...

    Have you gone through the dashboard/plugins/embed?

    I notice that there is a WP embed plugin there.

  • I have search through WP and there are a number of side bar custom plugins but none will change a theme on a single page. There are no Vanilla search results for such.

    The WP plugin caused a clash which prevented the forum embedding and there wasn't an option to go across the whole page.

    As I understand it from reading about the subject WP is unable to deal with having a 100% page and no sidebars if sidebars have been selected in the theme.

    I am reading through your theme now. I may try to use that in some narrowed format and use the links you put in to go to cats and other side bar stuff.

    Or use the embed friendly with a modded version of your CSS. Still looking it over.

  • Ditch embedded , it will give you an ulcer

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  • I'd agree with you only I can't find anything else that is narrow enough to embed. Slim pickings for embedded themes.

    The Brand-friendly theme by @digibomb is easier to follow on the css but I've just seen that there is a bit more to it than just editing a custom css file. That light blue background on the discussions and the pinkish link hover is deep in the themes dashboard css. Can't kill it in the custom file which makes it harder if there was a theme update.

  • You can override every single css class in a custom.css file, if you are struggling then provide a link.

    But merely reposting wooly encounters isnt gonna get you specific help beyond what you have already been given.

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  • jrocjroc New
    edited August 2012

    you can have it 100% with no side bar. you just need to embed it in a wordpress page with a full width template - most themes have a full width page template or you can just make your own

  • Thanks folks. I am having a few days break from this project for now and will look at it again afresh then.

  • jroc said:
    you can have it 100% with no side bar. you just need to embed it in a wordpress page with a full width template - most themes have a full width page template or you can just make your own

    true. easily done in wordpress to remove wordpress sidebar, and and easily done in vanilla sidebar with embed theme or via at least two plugins, and just change your width parameters if you want it wider. Copy the embed press theme chioose no sidebar in the panel and create a custom.css with a different width.

    I may not provide the completed solution you might desire, but I do try to provide honest suggestions to help you solve your issue.

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