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Czech plural forms and gender suffix

edited August 2012 in Localization


I've been trying to translate vanilla forum for a while and I have 2 issues:

1. Czech language has 3 plural forms, to fix that I wrote this function (/forum/locales/cs-CZ/definitions.php):

    function Plural($Number, $Singular, $Plural) {
    $Result = null;
    if ($Number == 1) {
        $Result = Gdn::Translate($Singular, $Singular);
    } else if ($Number < 5) {
        $Result = Gdn::Translate('2'.$Plural, $Plural);
    } else {
        $Result = Gdn::Translate('5'.$Plural, $Plural);
    return $Result;

and inserted these definitions in the same file:

$Definition['%s comment'] = '%s komentář';
$Definition['2%s comments'] = '%s komentáře';
$Definition['5%s comments'] = '%s komentářů';

Looks good, now I see "1 komentář", "2 komentáře", "10 komentářů" in vanilla.
Then I tried doing the same with %s discussion. So I just wrote a few definitions:

$Definition['%s discussion'] = '%s diskuzi';
$Definition['2%s discussions'] = '%s diskuze';
$Definition['5%s discussions'] = '%s diskuzí';

And the result? Instead of "1 diskuzi", "2 diskuze", "10 diskuzí" I'm getting "%s diskuzi", "%s diskuze" in vanilla (with that "%s" instead of a number). The same problem applies for other strings that have more plural forms, but not for the "comment" plurals. I don't know what the "Gdn::Translate" function exactly does (I haven't found any documentation) so it's almost impossible to fix it (for me).

2. I've read that the variable "%9$s" represents gender suffix. I added these deffinitions:

$Definition['GenderSuffix.First.f'] = 'a';
$Definition['GenderSuffix.First.m'] = '';
$Definition['GenderSuffix.Third.f'] = 'a';
$Definition['GenderSuffix.Third.m'] = '';

and tried to edit one line from this:

$Definition['%1$s sent you a %8$s.'] = '%1$s poslal(a) %8$s';

to this:

$Definition['%1$s sent you a %8$s.'] = '%1$s poslal%9$s %8$s';

but that doesn't work.

Vanilla version:

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