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Header and footer modifications

I know there have been a few discussions brushing the topic, but nothing has really been helpful to me. What I specifically want is to be able to add extra headers at the tope where it says Discussions, Categories, Search etc. and at the bottom where it says Terms of Service, Documentation etc. Can someone possibly tell me what files I edit to do these tasks? My install is at


  • That link doesn't work
  • It does now.
  • Does that mean you guys do or don't know how I can add extra links to my header or footer?
  • I think they were looking for the version. For your version,, there is a PageManager extension that you can use to add additional tabs: There are other simpler examples of a 'users' tab, and a 'namewhore' tab As far as the footer goes, it could be developed by modifying the google ads extension, also on that page.
  • It should be noted that PageManager only works with PHP5.
  • Hehe... bananasontoast... cool name :P
  • ercatliercatli
    edited May 2006
    Dunno if I'm misunderstanding you bananasontoast, but I am using and I have done minor modifications to my header and footer - see it at I added a new graphic to the header by putting a gif in the global.css file - near the top (sorry I don't have line numbers, but you can find the spot by doing a search for "banner/menu container"). I didn't modify the navigation buttons on top (discussions, categories, search, etc) so I'm not sure where to find them. For the footer, I think I only had to modify the common.controls.php file. About halfway down the code (search for the word "documentation") there is a repeating section of code for feeds, bug report etc. Just copy and paste the same code and put in whatever other links you need. I made most of my changes by (1) if it was text, searching for the text in english.php and noting what variable (if that is the correct word) it corresponded to, then (2) searching likely files for that variable until I found the location I needed - slow, but it gets you there. Only trouble is, when v1 comes out, I dunno how much trouble it'll be to upgrade! There are no doubt easier ways, but if this bit helps, perhaps some of the more experienced dudes can take you the rest of the way.
  • Upgrading to v1 itself will be easy, however it wont keep your modifications. On the bright side the whole theming system is completely redesigned so putting headers/footers in should just a matter of working with the template html.
  • In v1 the page make-up is split into separate template files in the theme subdirectory. The root /theme/ directory contains the standard versions of these files. Make your own theme subdirectory within that folder e.g. /themes/grilledbananas/ and copy the standard files you want to modify into that, e.g. head.php, menu.php, foot.php, page-end.php. With these you can modify or add to the page structure. Likewise copy a style folder and the vanilla.css and modify appearance in the css-file (e.g. colours, background images, header-heights etc.). Vanilla will only use the files you modify, otherwise the files in the theme root directory.

    Vanilla will see your new theme in the settings tab and list it under "themes and styles". Select and go!
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