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Commenting box placement

MemenbtoMemenbto New
edited August 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.3


As you can see, when I replaced the commenting system of wordpress, I had a bit of a problem, and I really don't understand why :


I thought it maybe be a width problem that provoked this particular placement in the sidebar, but it isn't. I tried a few other thing via CSS and Firebug, without success. Irony is, the "Comments by Vanilla" is right where it should be :


Now, on a precedent theme, I didn't have this problem, so it may be a theme problem. When searching for similar problem, I didn't find any, that certainly helps this theory. I can't help but thinking the solution is simple though. So, to those of you who might know what the problem actually is, feel free to ask any needed information, and thank you for your time.

(Note : Wordpress and Vanilla are up to date, and I don't have any other comments plugin susceptible of messing with the site. Website is here :


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