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Set up a privacy policy page!

edited August 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

Privacy Policy

It's usually recommended to show your privacy policy to new users at the registration step. But I don't know why Vanilla wouldn't state it on the registration page like "terms of service" link, while the "privacypolicy.php" is an internal page! For instance, Visit that is the default Vanilla privacy policy page. Also, open the below link into your browser:


Set up your privacy policy page

Heads Up! we're going to manipulate the core, so you should be aware of what you're doing. Do it on your risk...

Follow these steps If you would like to overwrite your privacy policy on the default internal page and pin it on the registration page.1

Here are the steps:

0. Write your privacy policy (You can also use HTML codes)

1. Open /applications/dashboard/views/home/privacypolicy.php file into a text editor as in Notpad++ in Windows or Geany in Gnu/linux. Then follow a or b:

---------->a) Simply, you can replace your text.

---------->b) Or copy the below codes and replace it with the privacypolicy.php contents.

-------------->The origin of these codes is "termsofservice.php" file.

<?php if (!defined('APPLICATION')) exit(); ?>

<h1><?php echo T('PrivacyPolicy');?></h1>
<div class="Legal">
   <?php echo T('PrivacyPolicyText');?>

-------------->Then go to "/locales/YourCurrentLocale" folder and open an existing php file —containing the

-------------->translation strings into a text editor and add the below strings:

$Definition['PrivacyPolicy'] = 'Privacy Policy';
$Definition['PrivacyPolicyText'] = 'Here is for your text. You can also use HTML codes.';

-------------->Replace red line with your privacy policy text.

-------------->Note: If you have an English forum, add the codes into /conf/config/locale.php OR add them

-------------->into /locales/skeleton/other_definitions.php and enable "skeleton" from Dashboard > Locales

2. Search for these strings into your locale folder:

$Definition['I agree to the <a id="TermsOfService" class="Popup" target="terms" href="%s">terms of service</a>'] =
$Definition['You must agree to the terms of service.'] =

You should change the translations of 2 above lines to point to the privacypolicy.php file.
For instance:

$Definition['I agree to the <a id="TermsOfService" class="Popup" target="terms" href="%s">terms of service</a>'] = 'I agree to the <a id="TermsOfService" class="Popup" target="terms" href="%s">terms of service</a> and <a id="TermsOfService" class="Popup" target="terms" href="index.php?p=/dashboard/home/privacypolicy">Privacy Policy</a>';
$Definition['You must agree to the terms of service.'] = 'You must agree to the terms of service and privacy policy.';

Note: If you have an English forum, add the 2 above strings into /conf/config/locale.php OR add them into /locales/skeleton/other_definitions.php and enable "skeleton" from Dashboard > Locales

Voila, thte privacy policy page is available on www.YourForumAddressHere/index.php?p=/dashboard/entry/register page, now!

If you have any corrections or suggestions — please let me know in the comments below :)

  1. Before seeking /dashboard/views/home, I was using "Custom Pages" plugin to create a privacy policy and linking it somewhere in the "terms of service" page. ↩︎



  • Thanks for the tutorial. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me. Here is how I did it.

    I just inserted the following code into my footer using HtmlEdit. Then using CSSEdit, I edited this using the class name "policy". You will have style problems when viewing it through a mobile device. You must create a different class name for the mobile version and edit it using CSSEdit the way you'd like.

    <div><center><a class="Popup policy" target="terms" href="index.php?p=/dashboard/home/privacypolicy">Privacy Policy</a></center></div>

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