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reply or nested comment for discussions

edited September 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.3

first you remember structure

i sure a Question / Answer System must be have a reply plugin for one level nested comment of comment and or main discussion as stackoverflow System

in current vanillaforums i not found any plugin for this

you think in # 3 of a discussion comment you want to reply a nested comment for #3 but now there are 30 comment and if you enter a quote for #3 you reply is #31 and is not nice !

is there a plugin of vanilla for this job ?

if no any developer can to write this i think is very easy to create ,

needed a column for nested comment as "CommentActivityID" into "GDN_activity" you see reply system of activity page
( is very necessary for a Impeccable Q/A system )**_


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