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External login

aradhellaradhell New
edited September 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.3


I tried to use ProxyConnect, created a auth page like docs. said. But its not working.

Current Authenticator is Password,

Auth page echos when user logged,

UniqueID=26 Name=Teller [email protected] TransientKey= DateOfBirth=1964-05-05 Gender=

And plugin test is succesful but its not creating Vanilla cookie when i check print_r($_COOKIE)

[VanillaProxy] => k735446fedb69fffb04996f2477290e1e866cadfb|ac9c1cf7a3ee8516cfcbcf79374a8076|1347376447|a:4:{s:7:\"UserKey\";s:2:\"26\";s:11:\"ProviderKey\";s:41:\"k735446fedb69fffb04996f2477290e1e866cadfb\";s:8:\"UserName\";s:6:\"Teller\";s:12:\"UserOptional\";s:58:\"a:2:{s:5:\"Email\";s:18:\"[email protected]\";s:5:\"Roles\";N;}\";

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