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Vanilla Statistics shows 0 on all stats

edited September 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.3


I enabled the Vanilla Statistics module, but the statistics shown says there are 0 visitors and 0 page views and so on.
Graph displays nicely, however i shows 0 visits and well 0 everything.

To be sure to be sure I have added this to my config.php (although I don't think I need it):
$Configuration['Garden']['Analytics']['AllowLocal'] = TRUE;

What can I do to get the Vanilla Statistics working?


  • unixherounixhero
    edited September 2012

    Hello again.

    After waiting for another day, stats has miraculously appeared for the first time. Maybe they are that realtime. Any ways, GREAT, the stats work now. Now I have 3 stats, Piwik, Google Analytics and this. Perfecto.

    Feel free to mark it solved or delete the entire question. Thanks!

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